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Thursday, January 06, 2005

It just occurred to me that I really have no idea in what direction I want this thing to go in. The 2003 blog was much simpler than this in the sense that it was not long after I moved to Tallahassee and was going through a period in my life where everything was in a readjustment phase, so that was plenty of material right there. Plus I was going out more at the time then I am right now.

To sum up, at the time I was just out of a serious breakup, I crash-padded with family for a number of months and I wasn't sure what my next move in life or in any other respect was. Fortunately I read Dianetics, managed to ween myself OFF the heroin and start anew.

(I might have made some of the last paragraph up. I'll leave it up to the reader to figure out which parts)

In other words, what little Drama-Queening I had to work with in my system was expunged about a year or so ago. So I'll just have to figure it out slowly. I just don't have the urge to make this a daily dose of exclusively any of the following:

-My life is boring
-Our president is sub-standard
-Dwayne Wade is my new Personal Jesus

I despise one-note ponies and so should you, unless you are one already and don't know any better. I pride myself on being half-knowledgeable on SEVERAL unimportant subjects at a time, not just one. Besides, most of my anecdotes tend to just flow naturally in context of whatever I'm talking about.

I think I'm done rambling for now. :)


jdmann 2:37 PM - [Link]
Thursday, December 30, 2004
It's been about a year since I've put figurative pen to paper, and it's been a really weird year. If 2003 was all about figuring out my direction, 2004 was all about what happens when you get there. But we all have to grow up sometime, and adulthood and I have been going tooth and nail for the bulk of it.

But while I was away from the blog game, this site and sites like it seem to be going the way of the Calvin Klein Grunge line, at the end of their trendy rope before they get hung, even though I still know where my Nirvana records are. So I still listen to them, and I still blog, so bad example. Bush got re-elected as he's now defeated two men for the presidency with about a quarter of a pulse between them, Iraq got worse before it got better, The Red Sox can no longer be a punchline, although my Dolphins can. My office got more cluttered to go along with my dating life. I actually went back to Miami for the first time in 3 years and could finally put any possible homesickness to its final resting spot. I bought a whole new mountain of things I have no use for but bought anyway, save for the Saturn I plunked for in July, which I did need.

There's more, a lot more...plus I have my ongoing Living Room Crisis which I'll get more into further detail with late, but since I won't touch this thing for 3 days after I open it up, I'll leave the rest as a teaser.
jdmann 4:24 PM - [Link]