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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Prince Harry's latest P.R. Blunder.

Prince Harry, Princess Diana's half-wit youngest son is in the doghouse again with his latest public outrage causing yet another major embarrassment to the Royal Family and the inept P.R. advisers at Buckingham Palace.

Apparently Harry (and older brother William ) went to a fancy dress shop and Harry chose , of all things, a Nazi costume, complete with swastika arm band. He was photographed at a fancy dress party in this offensive costume and made national headlines and fuelled a public outcry. Presumably they had run out of clown outfits where he selected the uniform.

It defies belief that he should have so little common sense, or does it?

Despite best efforts of the royal PR machine and its always seemingly hollow attempts to promote the contrary view , these royal people are remote from everyday reality and live in a cocooned world and almost all are extremely naïve as a result. We do see a carefully staged calendar of PR events to promote the image of our royal parasites, very probably to re-assure us that these folks are all in touch with the people, are rounded 'independent' thinking individuals and not aloof or remote from the rest us by virtue of accident of birth and privilege. Thus his father Charles , for example , was seen visiting flood victims and the two brother princes were recently filmed helping with aid work supply packing in the wake to the Asia disaster.

The Royal family must, you’d at least hope, be aware that a monarchy is an anachronistic aberration in a modern democracy and their survival relies on the popular misconception that they actual have a practical use or value.

Royal children traditionally go to so called Public Schools, which are in fact private expensive fee paying establishments for the privileged. They also have their own individual tutors at the palace . History should be an academic strength of any royal resident in Buckingham Place. The place drips with it and a lot of it is to do with the exploits of their ancestors. Of course , their most immediate ancestors were German but that link was thinly disguised by the name change to Windsor as a result of the war.

It defies belief that this apparently well-educated , cossetted twenty year old man should be unaware of the atrocities committed against the Jews by the Nazis in the Second World War and to be so unaware of the widespread offence his current folly has caused. He did make a hasty written apology ( I wonder if that was his idea!) but the Palace have stated that he will not make a public apology ( as many have asked for and might rightly have expected from him.)

Dotty ex-royal Sarah Ferguson stepped in to defend the 'fun loving' Harry saying he was really a decent guy . Yah , Sarah has always been noted as a shrewd judge of character, right ?
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