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Friday, July 18, 2003

MUM's the Word

Even now her boy still needs his mother's helping hand! She is in her 80th year, and I am mere 53. I know that this plant is from the genus allium but I have no idea what its name is. If anyone will know my Mum will !

It grows on a thin stem about two feet high and I saw it in a garden near our school. The man whose garden it was couldn't remember what it was called. At first I thought it was an overgrown chive. The leaves tasted like chives. The insect was busy on the flower head and I had to be patient because a stiff breeze was blowing and that would blur the pictures. Happilly the insect stayed put and rode out the swaying caused by the intermittent breezes. I took a half dozen shots to try and get it in focus. I am hoping that Mum will be able to identify this plant, then I can up-load it onto my fotolog.
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