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A heavenward look


From a Seattle PI obituary yesterday, March 12, 2004:

"Our beloved Margaret is now free of pain, amazing all the saints in Heaven with her wonderful humor, and busy learning the names of everyone there."

More follows, but I think that is enough. If you believe this, let me tell you about the Tooth Fairy, and I have a wonderful business opportunity for you. Just send me a big check. . . .

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"There is an old Chinese myth that [goes] there are eighty-two thousand families living on the moon that are there to mend the chipped parts."

A Quiet Room: The Poetry of Zen Master Jakushitsu, footnote on p. 79

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Take your pick, wedding bands come all the same size


Did you know? The size of most rings for women in stores is seven. To make them larger or smaller requires sizing by a professional jeweler. If you need a ring that is larger, it is going to cost you. Metal will have to be added. If smaller, they can usually take some metal out of the ring and, no, they aren't going to give it back to you. Or else they can try to compress it slightly.

A man's ring size is typically an eleven. If his hands are larger or smaller, the same rules will apply. A ring can generally be sized down, or compressed, fairly easily. But to make it larger, it needs to be added to, and this takes metal and skilled labor.

My hands are small for a man, my wife's larger. We are not average, nor are we seven and elevens, which, incidentally is a gambler's fervent prayer when shooting Craps on his initial roll. This is the player's dream.

Craps at any other time, though, means you lose. Tough luck, Charlie.

With wedding bands, it is also a crap shoot. More than half of the weddings will end in divorce, often quickly.

If you shoot Craps often at the gambling table, the chances of divorce (I would guess) increase dramatically.

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