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Early moonrise over Lake Ketchum

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Moonrise to the East, digitally enhanced a bit


Ah, these summer nights, with the moon early rising!

(Of course it is rising later and later, and it is waning when I write this.)

Earlier this evening the osprey put on his aerial acrobatic show—hovering, dropping, pulling up at the last instant, climbing, soaring, fluttering in mid-flight, then plummeting like a stone, crashing into the water, rising in a shower of spray, all without catching fish.

Me, I got two small bass on a nymph. Gladly would I share, but the wise old osprey won't come near me.

So many nights he goes to bed hungry. How many misses comprise his evening hunt? Plenty. And a cheer goes round the lake and from its docks when he nails a fish, and flaps heavily away with it clutched in his piercing talons.

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