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Early moonrise over Lake Ketchum

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Ah, there is nothing like fresh fruit on the bough!


These apples are Honey Crisps, and this is their first year of production. Last year, when they were less than one year old, they produced a few blossoms, which we dutifully pinched off, according to the accompanying nursery literature. We really didn't want to. I, for one, wanted to let them go their "natural course." My wife said no, and she was right, right again.

This year they paid is back in plentitude. Some of the apples were the size of small grapefruit. They were sweet and tasty. It took the two of us to eat one apple. As the season bore on, they got a bit more flavorful, though they were about as good as any apple can be.

They resisted being plucked from the bough, so we left them on the tree through October, picking only one at lunch time. But now it is November, and when one did fall during the night, some creature got to it, the tooth marks were a bit frightening: to think such a creature lived in our rural neighborhood!

So yesterday we harvested them in a plastic bucket, along with the apples from its companionate apple tree, the Shizuka. It is a cross between a Yellow Delicious and an Indo Beauty. But more on that fine apple in another blog. . . .
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