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Early moonrise over Lake Ketchum

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Well, not those trees, but stately trees just like them, just around the corner.

A drive circles the lake. During our past eight years here, we have seen lots developed, their tall firs and cedars whacked down. It is heart-wrenching to watch.

Some of the development is on lakefront lots; others on the far side of the circling drive. Right down from us a crew of pleasant young men is totally denuding a sixty-foot lot that is, oh, maybe three hundred feet deep. A few whips are left in front, and some fifteen year old conifers at the utmost rear of the deep lot. The rest have been cut down and hauled away. The stumps remain, but soon cats will come and dig them up. Then the foundation for the new home will be laid.

Today, grieving those trees, some of which are second-grown firs that are 70 years old, I came up with a personal maxim that i'd like to see made law. (Fat chance.) It goes:

Nobody can cut down a tree any older than he is.

There you go.

A tree's age can be determined by species, diameter at breast height (DBH), and climate. Here, trees grow to maturing fast, given half a chance.

Any state representatives or senators listening?

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A little calligraphy by your blogster, in the form of a test blog.

Wayne, our webmaster, says the blog is back and will function nicely now. Let us see. . . .

And friends, sorry about this. I meant to communicate with you much more often during the past two or three months. But BlogStudio moved, and has other troubles resulted from the move.

But the heart remains steadfast.

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