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--Amy Goodman, accepting an award at Columbia University for her coverage of the East Timor massacre 
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Friday, June 04, 2004

In light of Blogstudio losing nearly a year and a half of my posts, I've decided to migrate to Live Journal. This will be my last post here.
ptupper 8:26 PM - [Link]
Tuesday, June 01, 2004
A few stumbles in my career path today.

First, you may have noticed that my blog postings have vanished recently. Gonna call up Blogstudio and complain.

Second, I thought I had a lock on the Comic Shop story for the Courier. However, the temporary editor of the front page story told me that the lead story schedule is set in stone for all of June, to cover the election. By the time there's an opening, the store's 30th anniversary will be over. Bad timing, ultimately. Now, I can do the story later, which the editor says is OK, or I can try to find somebody who will accept the story this month. I've emailed theTyee.ca and I will submit it to the Westender. (I didn't before, as I wanted to shoot for more money.)

Thirdly, Jay Currie quoted my blog in a Tyee piece. He gave me full credit and everything, but it still chafes. (A quick email notifying me would have been appreciated.)

Technically, according to the Creative Commons license on my blog, commercial use is prohibited. However, it would be just plain bad karma to raise a stink about quoting a single paragraph. Mostly I'm jealous that he did better (i.e. paid and publication credit) with the same idea that I had. Just proves you gotta get out there and throw ideas around until something sticks.
ptupper 12:37 PM - [Link]
Saturday, May 29, 2004
My brother's wedding today was undershadowed by my new piece on copyright law reform in the Vancouver Sun. (Best wishes, PT & NN!)

It's not my best work, but I think it is serviceable. I didn't do as good a job as Lawrence Lessig did of explaining what copyright is, why it matters and why people should care about the way it works. I plan on doing a better article next time.

I do think they came up with a pretty good photo illustration to capture people's attention: the Mona Lisa holding an iPod.
ptupper 8:58 PM - [Link]

"You can't," I sobbingly pointed out with seemingly inflexible logic, "make a racehorse out of a pig!"
"True, true," responded Uncle Lynn... "You can't, as you put it convincingly, make a racehorse out of a pig. But," he said..., "you can make a mighty fast pig."
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