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Greetings! Ive got the most awesome news. Yesterday my entire training group was told the location of our sites during our service. Mine is in Copan Ruinas. For those of you that dont know, this town is about 2 km from the famous Mayan ruins--its the most well-known attraction in Honduras (except perhaps for the bay islands). Its in the far west region of the country (about 13 km from Guatemala) and the climate is to die for. When I learned that I would be going to Honduras for the Peace Corps, the ruins of Copan was about all I knew of the country. Living and working there was one of those fantasies that you just KNOW will never happen, but the prospect of it helped me decide to join. Ill be living right in the center of town and working in the surrounding rural areas. Not sure what Ill be doing, exactly, at this point, but I gather Ill figure that out as I go.

What this means for all of you:

-if you had any idea of coming to visit me, this is an extra reason to do so!
-if you werent toying with the idea of visiting me, you can at least know that I got more than Id ever hoped in a site assignment.

Ill be in touch when I find-out my new address and phone # ( yes! ill have a phone!)

Love always and dont hesitate to drop me a line!


thisgirl 1:32:30 PM - [Link]
Hello, family and friends! Wow, its been over a month since I left the states and Im only now getting around to sending an update. Really, the only excuse I have is that this Peace Corps training is serious business! Every day Im at school from 7:30 until 5 pm and all but one of my weekends so far have had something scheduled.
Busy, yes. However, that doesnt mean that I havent been having a grand ole time! This has been one of the most sureal experiences of my life so far. Its as if Ive entered a time warp and am right back in highschool: from the regimented schedule, to my 3 square meals a day, to the constant stream of bad eighties music (which, apparently, I missed desperately?). Really the only differences are that I never rode the bus in high school (whereas here, thats the only means of transportation) and that I couldnt drink more than 3 beers back then without losing my cool. My training group is exceptionally large--I guess theyre normally around 20-30 people whereas ours consists of 62! And for those of you that have forgotten, that makes for a lot of clicks when youre in "high school". Anyway, my days consist of about 4 hours of spanish class, 3 hours of municipal development training, and an hour of classes to help me "adapt" to the new culture. Speaking of which, my spanish is coming along quite well--its amazing what one can learn when one lives with a family that doesnt speak english! Here are some funny anecdotes: I was at a V-day fiesta with my host family and had had a slightly upset stomache the night before. Just to be on the safe side my "mom" told me I should steer clear of the bbq chorizo (aka sausage). Later, my "uncle" asked me if I wanted any chorizo with my dinner and I answered, "No puedo tener chorizo ahora" (literally, "I cant have sausage right now") Everyone laughed heartily and it wasnt until later that my mom told me that "chorizo" is also slang for penis. Teehee. Heres another one: in spanish class my teacher asked me what I did over the weekend and I answered, "Yo tuve un burrito al mercado" (literally translated as "I had a burrito at the market.") Well, he laughed hysterically because I had apparently told him how I had given birth to a burrito at the market. And I was afraid my sense-of-humor wouldnt translate!
Just this past weekend I took my first solo trip to visit another volunteer in the south of Honduras. Talk about becoming immersed in a new culture--she had just married an Honduran man the week before I arrived and was planning to take him home with her to the states when she ends her service at the end of April! She was a municipal development volunteer as well and had done a ton of interesting and exciting things in her community. My visit there made me all the more excited about working here for 2 more years. Im sure theres a million details that Im leaving out, but I basically wanted to let yall know that Im doing well, keeping busy, loving life, and thinking of you all.
As for those of you who have emailed or written me letters (ahem...), give me a bit of leeway to respond, okay?
As for everyone else, peace out!

thatgirl 12:00:00 PM - [Link]

Just a quick update to catch everyone up to speed. That Girl should be on a plane somewhere between here and Miami right about now. She'll be hanging out there for a couple of days for some training before heading out of the country.

We'll be using this blog as one way of keeping in touch, so stay tuned for communiques from our girl in Honduras. No idea yet when or how often she'll be plugged in but she's thinking it will be on a fairly regular basis.

I've got tentative plans to overhaul the site - and may possibly move the blog elsewhere. Rest assured I will leave plenty of breadcrumbs if things move.


thisgirl 9:42:13 AM - [Link]
This is long but it's just too insane to leave any of it out. More from Dress for Sucess:

"Doctors are attracted to women wearing chic, with-it, up-to-date, and expensive clothing. They prefer thin women whose clothing says they are models and whose actions say they are socialites. They are attracted to women who display obvious status symbols - women who wear labels on their handbags, umbrellas, and anything else a label can be slapped on. If designers start tattooing women, doctors will be the first to applaud.

Doctors are notoriously poor dressers who want their women to dress exquisitely. That's why doctors' wives always look as if an expensive closet just fell on them. Doctors are the only group of men in America who will choose an average-looking woman festooned with status symbols over a beautiful woman without them.

To dress for doctors, simply buy whatever is being shown in the New York Times or in fashion magazines and wear it even where it isn't appropriate. Doctors have no sense of where clothes are appropriate. They are more attracted to a woman in an expensive dress at a casual picnic in the woods than they are to someone wearing something quite appropriate, like jeans.

Scientists, engineers and accountants have exactly the opposite reaction. These men have been trained into a sense of completion. They expect all the parts of any apparatus to work in harmony. So they are turned off by anyone who wears the wrong clothes for the occasion or who present an imcomplete or incongruous picture.

Not so with doctors. They're in a guessing game all the time. They never have the whole picture of what's going on in a human body. So they're used to fragmented information, and they don't expect a woman to have a sense of completeness or even congruity in her clothing. And they turn to another criterion, the look of money or status, no matter how badly the look is assembled."

thisgirl 6:06:12 PM - [Link]
A word to the wise from The Woman's Dress for Succes Book:

"No matter what your background is, you should buy only conservative items that have been around at least a year and a half. You are never to lead in fashion because people who lead in fashion follow in almost everything else."

thisgirl 3:49:55 PM - [Link]
From The Woman's Dress for Success Book, by 'America's best-known clothing consultant' John T. Malloy (1978):

On pantyhose: "Wear only skin-colored pantyhose. Anything else at work is unthinkable. Furthermore, anything else turns men off.....You should keep an extra pair of pantyhose in your desk in case the pair you have on gets ruined."

On luggage: "There is only one type of luggage any woman in America should carry. It is a matched set of canvas luggage with belting leather strapping.

If a woman carries belting leather luggage, which is the standard luggage of the male executive, she comes on as an imitation male. But if a woman carries pink, yellow or other gaily colored bags that announce to the world that she is frilly, she will not get the best treatment. Those bags tell bellboys she is a nontipping secretary on vacation."

More later...stay tuned!

thisgirl 5:10:36 PM - [Link]
From The Woman's Dress for Success Book, by 'America's best-known clothing consultant' John T. Malloy (1978):

On pantyhose: "Wear only skin-colored pantyhose. Anything else at work is unthinkable. Furthermore, anything else turns men off.....You should keep an extra pair of pantyhose in your desk in case the pair you have on gets ruined."

thisgirl 5:06:47 PM - [Link]
Where has this been all my life?!?

thisgirl 5:42:23 PM - [Link]
OK, it's official: That Girl's moving to Honduras in February! I'm giving up my wonderful life here in Austin to try something drastically different. Unfortunately I'll have to give up my favorite companion, Olive. I'm about to start looking for a new home for her (sniffle!). Wish me luck on all fronts!

thatgirl 12:00:00 AM - [Link]
Howdy folks,

Well, somehow That Girl managed to delete the entire blog except for the first entry AND to double-post her new entry all at once. I have to say I'm starting to wonder if she might have some gypsy curse when it comes to electronics as she also managed to delete ALL the pictures from my digital camera a few months back in a matter of seconds. But I won't give her TOO hard of a time about it....or let her near my laptop anytime soon. ;)

Here's something funny to make up for your loss (thanks Kreg!):

Wes keeps it real

This Girl
thisgirl 6:09:22 PM - [Link]
I came into work today to an email from my friend with "sad day" as the subject line. It had this link and read "Look at the picture of the Men In Suits declaring that they know better than a woman and her doctor..."

Nicely put.

thatgirl 9:43:00 AM - [Link]

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