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Subject: New Norseman Links

Category: Miscellaneous


Below you can find a link to some fantastic pictures taken at this year's Norseman festival in Red Lake.

The owner of the above site is looking for pilots/owners to add info on their Norsemen to be included under each picture. Please contact Kaz at if you have an information to provide.

Also, take a look at my Guest Book which you can find on the main page of the Norseman website, There is some great new info available.

Thank you!!
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Subject: New Documents

Category: Specifications


Two great new documents have been posted in the "Documents" section of Both were donated by visitors to my site. You'll find a comprehensive Construction Numbers listing and a great list of Flightworthy Norseman.
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Subject: Honduran Norsemans

Category: All


This is the only information we have on the Honduran Norsemen:

1st aircraft delivered: C/N 505, USAAF S/N 43-35431

2nd aircraft delivered: C/N 569, USAAF S/N 44-70304

If you have any additional information, please post here or email to

Thank you!

12/18/03 Additional Info:

The only additional info I have received since originally posting this is that the 44-70304 appears later on in the Colombian air registry as HK-8P 16Aug1947

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Subject: Falkland Islands Norseman

Category: Miscellaneous


The total story of the Norseman in the Falkland Islands is in the following book:

"White Horizons"

Author: Douglas Liversidge, Reuter Correspondent and Staff Writer
With P.A. - Reuter Features.

First published 1951 by Odhams Press Ltd., Long Acre, London.

Code T.7.51.P. Made an printed by Odhams Watford Ltd. Watford, Herts

Norseman Mk V, C/N 29-45 is not the last one ever built. Ten others were built and used in Canada.

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Subject: US Norseman

Category: Miscellaneous

Only U.S. Norseman - registered, airworthy and flying:

Mk V, c/n N29-23, Registered N 45TG
Owner: Thomas Griffen
RR 1, Box 210
Baudette, MN 56623
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Subject: Norseman Plans

Category: Specifications


I have been contacted periodically by a gentleman in Argentina who is restoring a Norseman and an avid enthusiast. He has gotten ahold of an original set of design plans, I think on CD. He stated that he has them available for consultation if anyone is interested. Here is is contact information, please tell him that you found this information on my site.

Thank you!

Pablo Colombo
Mar del Plata, Argentina
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Subject: Western Canadian Airways

Category: Recommendations


A good History of Western Canadian Airways can be found in the book, entitled "Aviation in Canada" By Larry Milberry. See pages 33, 34, 35, 40, 41, 42, 48, and 240.

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Subject: CF-BAU

Category: Specifications

History of CF-BAU as received from my grandfather, Robert H Noorduyn, in Summer 2003:

BAU was with Canadian Airways, Ltd., Canadian Pacific Airlines, Canadian
Northern Airways, and Arctic Wings Ltd. BAU was Damaged Beyond Repair Apr. 20, 1951.

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Subject: Manufacturing Drawings

Category: Specifications

For Manufacturing drawings, the only source I know of is Gordon Hughes.

Hughes' address is: Gordon H. Hughes
Box 220, #1 Hughes Road
Ignace, Ontario

Telephone: 1-807-934-6394

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Subject: Lost Emails

Category: Announcements


I have some bad news to share..

My laptop was stolen on July 10th, 2003 and on it I had several months of email history saved including some fantastic contributions from visitors to my site. I made a major mistake in that I had no backups! If you had sent me anything to post - pictures, testimonials, etc. - and they are not already on my site, please resend them to me at

Thank you!
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Subject: New Content

Category: Announcements


Check out the Correspondence and Pictures section of my website. I've posted several new items that are very interesting. I will also be posting some great miscellaneous norseman information to this weblog in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
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Subject: Web Page Back Up

Category: Announcements

Anup. Thank you for your patience!
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Category: Site Updates


Today I added some wonderful new items to my site. I have new pictures under the Pictures section. These pics are from my grandfather's collection.

Also, I have started publishing some of the documents my grandfather has collected through research over the years. The first is the Royal Canadian Air Force Norseman Inventory data. There is a new section on the site called Documents, you can find them there.

As always, please keep visiting as I will add new content periodically.
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Subject: Norseman in the Antarctic

Category: Registrations


Recently, we received a question regarding the history of Norsemans in the Antarctic. Here is the response my granfather sent to the person inquiring:

"There have been three Norsemans in the Antarctic:

a) The United States Navy took a Navy-owned JA-1 Norseman to the Antarctic in September 1946, primarily to keep an eye on Russioan activity there. The aircraft, together with six Dakotas and a Sikorsky Helicopter, remained there for almost two years and were abandoned on the Ross Ice in 1948. The part of the shelf where the aircraft were left,broke off and floated north until it melted and athe aircraft went to the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean. The Navy Project was Identified as "High Jump."

b) In 1946, the USAF contracted with Finne Ronne to carry out geographic
exploration of the Antarctic, including mapping and tests of various items of equipment under severe climatic conditions. The USAF furnished Ronne with a U-64A Norseman, S/N 44-70369, C/N 634, to fly personnel, fuel and other equipment as necessary to support the project. In 1948, the aircraft was returned to the USAF facility at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

c) In 1948, a Mk V Norseman, Falkland Islands Registration VP-FAD, C/N
N29-45, was purchased by sombody in Canada and transported by ship to the
Islands. I know that the aircraft was assembled and flown there, but I have no other data on the aircraft . If you have any knowledge on the subject, I would very much appreciate it if you would share it with me."

If you have any information in regards to the last paragraph, please contact: Robert Noorduyn, email:

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Subject: Site Updates

Category: Updates

I have not had as much time as I would like lately to do site updates. Today I have updated the correspondence section of my site with a narrative and pictures from Mr. Real Bronsard. Thank you for your contribution, Mr. Bronsard!

To everyone else who has contributed lately, I will get the updates done soon.

Thanks to everyone for their support!
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Subject: Norseman Drawings

Category: Specifications


I now have scanned pictures of some Norseman aircraft drawings. These drawings included information on instrument panel setup, wings and floats. I don't have them posted on the site yet but I do have a .pdf I can email. If interested, please email me at

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Subject: Norseman Blind Flight Instruments

Category: Specifications


Norseman Blind Flight Instruments:

Type C-14 Airspeed Indicator (0-300 mph)

AN 5825-1 Rate of Climb Indicator

AN 5820-1 Bank and Turn Indicator

AN 5860-1 Altitude Indicator

AN 5736-1 Gyro Horizon Indicator

AN 5730-1 Directional Gyro Indicator

AN 5730-2A Indicator - Remote Indicating Magnetic Compass

Type A-11 Clock Assembly

In addition to the above listed equipment, the aircraft was equipped with an engine driven Vacuum Pump and a heated airspeed pitot head.
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Subject: Constructor Numbers

Category: Registrations


Here is a brief list of some constructor numbers that I researched recently per an email request. I plan on getting more of these out on the site as time allows.

The first numbers are the Military Serial, the second numbers/letters are the Aircraft Make (Manufacturer and Military designations) and the third listings (starting w/ C/N) are the constructor's numbers.


Serial Make Number

42-5044 MKIV YC-64 C/N76
42-5049 MKIV YC-64 C/N81
42-13602 MKIV C-64B C/N82
43-7203 MKVI UC-64A C/N394
43-7208 MKVI UC-64A C/N399
45-41736 MKVI UC-64A C/N820
45-41764 MKVI UC-64A C/N848
42-53520 MKIV C-64B C/N83
42-53521 MKIV C-64B C/N84

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Subject: Mailing List

Category: Announcements


I have added a Mailing Distribution list to my web site under the section marked "Mailing List". Please use the link in the main navigation bar on the web site to subscribe.

If you have any questions, post an note in the "comments" section of this posting and I will get back to you when I have a chance.

Thank you!
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Subject: Locating Noreseman for Restoration

Category: Contacts


The best way to locate aircraft for restoration is to log on to :
and follow the prompts. If you are serious about finding an aircraft to
restore, Trade-a-Plane listings are the way to go. You will have to pay for a subscription (three months, I think) but it will be worth the money.

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Subject: Aircraft Parts

Category: Contacts


If you're interested in trying to find parts for a Norseman, here are some possible contacts:

Gordon H. Hughes
Box 220, #1 Hughes Road
Ignace, Ontario

Western Canada Aviation Museum
Hangar T-2, 958 Ferry Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation
13527 Crescent Road
Surrey, British Columbia

Nationa Aviation Museum
Rockliffe Airport
Ottawa, Ontario

Air Museum
Patricia Bay Airport
Sydney, British Columbia ( I don't have the postal code)

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Subject: Now Accepting Donations - Why?

Category: Announcements


If you noticed my "Make a Donation" icons and are curious why I'm doing this, here you go!

My reasons for soliciting donations:

I am currently trying to collect enough money to purchase additional disk space for housing this site so I can post all of the pictures, items, information, etc. that I already have.

In order to maintain a site that is "ad-free", I have to pay a hosting company for my site or host it at home, via creating my own server. Currently, my husband has an older PC that we may convert to a web server, which will require us to do some upgrades to its hardware, etc. Until then, I am purchasing disk space through an external company.

Another reason I'm collecting funds is that I have a TON of great things to post onto this site, but unfortunately I do not have a digital camera or a scanner, so I can't get digital images created easily (or cheaply!). I'd like to purchase at least a good flatbed scanner to help me get all these great images and collectibles visible on my site.

The last reason I am collecting funds is that I want to purchase software to enhance the site, including converting some VHS footage to mpeg formats for all to view online and an interactive Message Board service so that I can have a place for all of you enthusiasts to discuss the Norseman. Sharing information is such a great thing - I think my site would be a good place for it.

If you want to help defray my costs, donate here!

If you have any questions, let me know! Don't feel obligated to donate - please enjoy the site regardless!

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Category: Registrations


In my quest to post as much of the miscellaneous information I have as possible, here is some information on NOORDUYN AIRCRAFT IN CZECHOSLOVAKIA.

The Mk VI, UC-64A, aircraft listed below were diverted from USAAF Commands to Czechoslovakia under the U.S. Military Defense Aid Program (MDAP):

C/N USAAF S/N Diverted From Date

406 43-35332 8th Air Force Nov 46

409 43-35335 9th Air Force Nov 46

516 43-35442 9th Air Force Nov 46

546 44-70281 8th Air Force Dec 46

644 44-70379 8th Air Force Nov 46

These aircraft were provided to BADA, a Czechoslovakianshoe company,
ostensibily for the company to start a small in-country airline.
Rumors/legends have circulated for many years, which say that the Russian
Government took one of them to Russia to incorporate many of it's design
features into the Antonov An-2 aircraft.

It has also been said that one or more of the aircraft were sold to the
Israel Defense Air Force in 1947.

There is no known existing documentation which supports either of the above statements.
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Subject: Introduction to this Web Log

Category: Announcements


Welcome to my Web Log. I plan on using this "online diary" to post miscellaneous information on the Norseman. I get a ton of inquiries on a HUGE variety of topics and it's very hard for me to keep up with it all via email. I am hoping that by posting this information to the Web Log, it will help us all find the information that we need quickly and accurately.

If you are interested in posting information to my web log, please email me at


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Be sure to search the Archives - there are some great posts there!

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