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Friday, August 13, 2004

OMG!!!!!! 33 DAYS UNTIL MY SURGERY!! It's been a while since I've posted, I guess I got sick of not being able to upload anything ~ plus I've been really stressed about my surgery! I feel like I might have 33 days to live, in a weird way it's like preparing for a major car crash ~ will I survive? Possibly. Will I have a long and difficult recovery? Definitely. I still haven't gotten ANY information about it except what I've learned on the net ~ HELLO?! could someone please give me a pamphlet???? What if there's something really important that I should be doing now in preperation for my surgery. I'm taking iron pills b/c I read somewhere you should do that ~ but is it enough?

I had a job last week at a call centre ~ something I thought I'd never do!! It was calling ppl back about an enquiry they made so it wasn't like I was harrassing ppl. Get this: it was about a hot flash survey for menopausal women LOLOLOL I have had some strange and unusual jobs with Kelly's but this takes the cake!

That job was supposed to last until next week but us 3 Kelly girls did such a good job calling ppl back that we put ourselves out of work ~ YAH! What idiots for hiring 3 of us in the first place. Now I am replacing a receptionist at ADT security which so far looks pretty simple. I swore I would never take another secretary job, but I need the money and it sounds okay. I had my first day today. I can't wait till the weekend!

Okay, I'd better get to bed ~ I am seriously doubting whether this will actually post or not seeing as blogstudio looks weird (as in screwed up) so here goes.....

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