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Monday, September 24, 2007



Palm reading is known as the art of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as hand analysis palmistry, chirology or hand reading. But the image of Palmistry is one-sided. Despite the fact that medical science has established for a long time ago that our hands do reveil reliable information about our physical state of health, palmistry is merely associated with future predictions.


By fact, there is as much anecdotal evidence against the scientific validity of palmistry as for it. There is hardly any widely accepted research verifying palmistry's accuracy as a system of analysis. Anno 2007 one can conclude that there is hardly a joint interest - nor concerted action - among scientific researchers and traditional handanalysts. scientists have related the SIMIAN CREASE with e.g. schizophrenia, psychosis,
genetic syndromes, and depression. Use it as a guide lifes litlle palm reading secret. Would you like to have a free hand palm reading. Create your own palm reading chart. Some of the professional palmistry readers participated in the palm reading test.


Take a look at your own hand & get yourself a free palmistry reading. Today the internet presents many opportunities to take a look into the world of palmistry & palm reading. Beyond a free reading you can also read and learn more about how palmistry readers read hands. Many experienced handanalysts receive very positive feedback from their clients when doing a palmistry reading. However, does the positive feedback affirm really the true effect of a handanalysis consultation? It can be fun to get a free palm reading, but be aware of the Barnum-effect. A good start for a palm reading for beginner. Take a look at the complete kit palm reading.


From the early 80's various works have been published which describe the clinical relevance of the nails. Medical scientist have discovered that various features of the human hand can be used as an indicator for medical problems. The well-known magazine 'Nature' presented in 1963 an article published by L.S. Penrose who presented observations which indicate that Down's syndrome is accompagnied by specific characteristics in the dermatoglyphics. Other hand features with medical relevance are for example: the simian line,
the Sydney line, and the axial triradius. You can learn to create your own palm reading. The palm reading life line is a famous aspect in this field. A palm reading diagram is a good illustration. You can learn it from a palm reading book.


News headlines about hands, handanalysis, palmistry, palm-reading are discussed and presented in order to inform the public about developments, events, reviews and interviews. For example: read more about 'Timing the lines of the hands' and 'Giving science the finger'. And of course the latest scientific hypes and developments are spotted at once. You can read more about chinese palm reading. Get a few palm reading instructions from a professional.
Start with some palm reading basics. Both the simian line and the Sydney line are related to the palm reading heart line.

>> PALM READERS on the Testbench

A considerable amount of research has been undertaken in more mainstream scientific veins, but a Dutch psychologist has executed various confronting research studies on the psychology behind palmistry, the true skills of palm readers, and the state of mind of palmistry students. Although fortune telling is much less common today in modern palmistry than it was in the past, the skeptics almost always associate palmistry with fortune telling rather than reading character. You can participate in a palm reading test yourself. This is another approach of the art of palm reading. You can discover palm reading through yourself.
This is the way to uncover the secrets of the palm reading meaning.

>> The history of Palmistry

In the beginnning palmistry was equal to 'prophecy', or: predicting the future. However, the prophetic aspects of handanalysis have been questioned from the 16th century. In 2007 palmistry is still exploited by travelling showmen. 'Cold-reading' is being used and various suggestions are being communicated in order to induce the so-called 'Forer-effect' (a.k.a. the Barnum-effect). When will this image change? This is about basic palm reading. You will find more palm reading information. About the palm reading roots and developments. Discover the latest palm reading insights.
Learn more about the image of palm reading.


Take a look at the Palmistry TOP 100 and take a look at the website of some very successfull palm readers. Today the TOP 5 palmistry websites are presented by: Kenneth Lagerstr೐(Canada), Larry Rodriquez (USA), Leszlie Zemenek (USA), Ghanshyam Singh Birla (Canada), and Daya Nand + Nisha Ghai (India). The following countries have representives in the Palmistry TOP 100: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Rusia, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and the USA. This includes palm reading professionals from many countries. As you can see: palm reading techniques are practiced in all regions of the world.
You will find more like a palm reading tip. Check out the palm reading map. And you will be aware of how big the world of palm reading really is.

>> Contact a Palm Reader

Today palmistry readers from all over the world can be found on the internet. You can try to contact a palmistry reader in your neighbourhoud. Especially in the USA, UK, and The Netherlands, it is today very easy to find a palmistry reader near your home. Nevertheless, sceptics classify palmistry readers among the so-called practiontioners of the 'pseudo-sciences'; astrology and graphology are usually also included in this category.
It is important to be aware of palm reading psychology. Because this phenomenon is not like a psychic palm reading. There are excellent palm reading opportunities online. More and more professionals start creating their own palm reading website online.

Palm Reading synonyms are: cheirology, cheirognomy, chirognomie, chirognomy, chirologie, chirology, chiromancie, chiromancy, chiromantia, chiromanzia, chirosophia, hand analysis, hand reading, handanalysis, handleeskunde, handlesekunst, handlezen, handlijnkunde, handreading, kiromanti, kiromantie, onychomancy, palmistry, palmreading, and quiromancia.

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