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Monday, May 17, 2004

Please note that the 5th cut on the Czech Music CD - the one labeled "Folk Theme" is the overture from Smetana's "The Bartered Bride."

For brief reliable biographical information on Czech music try Dr. Lon Spight's website at:

Dr. Spight is a former colleague of mine and a physicist at the University of Nevada. The web site that pops up here is organized by nationality. The music we will be looking at is organized under both Bohemian and Czech/Slovak categories. Lon's bios are brief, but helpful and reliable. The note below is extracted from his entry on Smetana:

"Smetana is noted as being the first composer to write music that was specifically Czech in character. Many of his operas are on Czech themes, with the best known being the comedy, The Bartered Bride (1866). He used many Czech dance rhythms, and his melodies sometimes resemble folk songs."

Russ McNeil
prague 12:00 AM - [Link]
Saturday, May 15, 2004

Hello folks

Very nice to meet you all. It looks as though we'll all get along. Mind you, it's early days yet.

Anyway, I think I've repaired all the links on the Prague Home Page and the section on Architectural Terms. Please keep me informed if they are defective (they are very erratic at times). But make sure the next time you log onto either page you click on the re-fresh button in order to get the emended version with the new links.

As I mentioned in class, the next week's session involves the following:

Morning Session: Mucha and Art Nouveau (lecture-discussion-show)
Afternoon Session: Introductory essays (mimeographed essays by MacMillan, Skorvecky, and Capek) and the three Kafka stories.

There is no preparation required for the Mucha session (although you might like to cruise the web to look at some samples). The Kafka seminar will require a seminar note on one or more of the stories.

Please start thinking about the first essay. Remember the topics listed in the Course Outline are suggestions. If you want to come up with something of your own, that's fine, but check with an instructor.

That's it for now.


Ian J.
prague 12:00 AM - [Link]
Friday, May 14, 2004
Welcome to the LIBERAL STUDIES ABROAD: PRAGUE 2004 Blog! This service will act as a a posting record and newsgroup over the next few months. Feel free to create and post anything you feel important in connection with our summer program.

Russ McNeil
prague 11:29 PM - [Link]