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september 30, 2002

I think it was T. S. Eliot who said, "I'm sorry to inform you that I cannot attend your Poetry Slam on the day specified since I find I am meeting the Archbishop to discuss decoration of the Abbey for this years Harvest Festival. Please be advised, however, that you can read my Four Quartets online. I hope this may prove to be of some consolation for my absence from your event."

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september 19, 2002
So I think we can say for certain, unequivocably, and without fear of contradiction that the English write the best prose; the best painting is Dutch; Czechoslovakians compose the best music; Spain choreographs the best dancing; The best drinks poured anywhere are French; Italians tailor the best suits money can buy; Norwegians build the best boats; Chinese cooking is the best; finally, American quilting and weaponry has no peer. As for movies, we will have to wait until contact is made with species from Outer Space because there really haven't been any good ones produced by any country on planet Earth, except, of course,
That's just the way it is.

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september 16, 2002
"They toil not, neither do they spin." A famous Biblical remark about the lillies of the field; but also very true of the dryers in the laundromat near my house, which are apparently always Out Of Order. There are eight million triple-loader washers in there and only six dryers, two of them broken; people hanging about waiting for hours with sopping wet clothes like refugees who have doggy paddled themselves all the way from Cuba.
So I don't know what to do about the laundry situation.
Fortunately there is always the mythical washer woman who kneels by the river's edge, eternally scrubbing bloodstains out of the clothes of the recently dead. Maybe I'll ask her to do mine as well, she might be cheap.
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september 12, 2002
For those interested in the cinematic arts, I have found a web site devoted to my favourite film, Performance, directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg.
Why not read about it and then rent it from the video store. The site also has good links to Anita Pallenberg pages, one of the film's stars. She doesn't really do anything but was an inspiring sight when in the bloom of youth.
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september 10, 2002
Really good movie idea featuring a starring role for myself: "The Mexican Beatles" - a Spanish language, highly compelling, warts and all, kiss and tell faux documentary about a Mexican Beatles' tribute band called Juan, Paolo, Jorge, and Gringo.
I play the drums.
Great scenes of the band playing their hits while trying to cross the border illegally. Need to think of song titles.
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september 09, 2002
I have decided that I am not really a "must get it down on paper" kind of writer, but more of a "must get another cup of coffee before I do anything else" kind of writer.
A brief account of Sunday night activities, perhaps with the potential to wander into the sphere of non-politically correct remarks, but since "Hookahs" sounds a lot like "Who cares?", I say what the hell.
Around 1:45am, after most of the taverns are closed, myself and friend MB were wandering aimlessly through Edward Hopperishly deserted downtown streets when the Ghost Of Bar-stools Past brandishing a velvet rope suddenly emerged from a shadowy doorway, and with the promise of fresh drinks and lively entertainment, urshered us swiftly down the stairs and into a basement bar room crammed with Turkish expatriats cavorting to the sounds of a live band performing snake-charmer music. We sat at the bar opposite a group of sullen gentlemen smoking from a hookah, and tried to catch the eye of the waitress whom I recalled from the Swimsuit Edition of Arabic Sports Illustrated I had seen. MB decided to ask the sullen gentlemen if he could sample the smoke from their hookah and returned claiming it tasted like Apple Pop Tarts mixed with an old packet of Chesterfields. I sat there thinking this is what the bar at the Instabul Sheraton must be like. Travel. You can't beat it, although I woke up the next morning feeling like The Death Of Marat.
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