Too Much Information

(or, my 100 Things)


1.  I've dyed my hair since I was about 16.  (Shh...don't tell.)

2.  I've drunk coffee as long as I can remember.  Black, of course.

3.  I bite my nails.  (Though I seem to have stopped, as of a month or two ago.)

4.  I love, love, love Christmas.

5.  My favorite color is pink.

6.  I detest orange.

7.  I broke my arm in second grade trying to be a gymnast.

8.  I have no athletic ability what-so-ever.

9.  I play clarinet and saxaphone.

10.  I'm an English major...

11.  ...and a grammar freak...

12.  ...but I suck at spelling.

13.  My favorite book is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

14.  My favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany's.

15.  I've been with my boyfriend, Ryan, for nearly 5 years.

16.  When people ask me if I'm going to marry him, I want to say, "No, I'm just using him for the sex."

17.  I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

18.  I taught myself number 17 when I was 13.  There was a hooker (working as a waitress) at the same restaurant at which I bussed tables.  She told me it was a good way to attract men.  I was only 13, so I didn't understand why, but I figured a hooker would know.

19.  But I can't unwrap a Starburst with my tongue.  I gag every time.

20.  I normally have a very sensitive gag reflex.  Normally.

21.  I have one brother who is two years younger than I.

22.  My mom has 12 brothers and sisters. 

23.  She has 99 first cousins--just on her dad's side.

24.  I have a big family :).

25.  I want ten kids.

26.  I've never changed a diaper.

27.  I am Catholic.

28.  But not a Catholic school-girl.

29.  I freak out if things are not clean.

30.  But if you saw my car or my room, you wouldn't believe me.

31.  I rationalize my messy room and car by saying I'm the only person to see those.  But I hate to have people find out I'm a slob.

32.  I collect cookbooks.  I especially love the old one.

33.  And real silver plated silverware.

34.  I know these are not normal things for a 21 year old to collect.

35.  My mom and I look freakishly alike.

36.  I act like her, also.

37.  My middle name is May.

38.  My uncle thought I should be named "Amanda Lynn."  My mom then pointed out that that sounds suspiciously like the instrument, the mandolin.

39.  If I had been a boy, my name would have been Jesse James.

40.  Thank God for small favors.

41.  I love to cook and bake.

42.  I don't believe in bread machines or crock pots.

43.  I make the world's best pie crust.  It's not conceited, it's just a fact :).

44.  I am a huge klutz.

45.  It amazes me every day that I have waited tables since I was 15 and not dropped food on a customer.

46.  I have spilled a tray full of drinks on myself, though.  But only once.

47.  I also love stiletto heels, and walk in them quite well.  Given number 44, this, too, is a small miracle. 

48.  I can walk with a tray on my head.

49.  I would rather clean the toilet than dust.

50.  I love snow.

51.  I want to live in Vermont, but Ryan says there's nothing up there.

52.  Like there's anything in South Dakota?  Or Nebraska?

53.  When Ryan and I go anywhere, he drives and I navigate.  I hate to drive (I can't knit!), and he has no sense of direction, so it works well for us.

54.  When driving, I give the Nebraska Wave (index finger raised off the steering wheel) to everyone.



I'm sick of this--to be continued!