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The whole concept of just writing down the first piece of conceptual nonsense...phrase..idea..that comes into your head - is obviously proving a tad difficult for some people. Looking at other people’s blogs it would seem like it was ‘hard’ to type absolute drivel……….not true ! All you have to do is type the first thing that comes into your head….just do it – no editing – no spell check , (save that crap for later), just get it out on the page………or in the ‘add an entry’ box.
Saying the first thing you think of could, of course, could land you in some trouble. If you do happen to be standing in a bar staring at some gorgeous blonde, and a 7 foot tall tattooed ‘gorilla’ bounds over and snarls “ARE YOU LOOKING AT MY GIRL???!!!” ……..answering:
- will probably find you spending the rest of the night in the Casualty Dept. But the quick witted amongst you, through the haze of alcohol, tobacco and sweat, (and that’s from the girl!), managed to think a little bit before you answered the gorilla….and came up with:

“My good fellow – radiant though your darling betrothed maybe, I couldn’t possibly gaze in her direction lest the shining power of her beauty should blind me…”
- will also find you spending the rest of the night in the Casualty Dept.:)

And orange juice ? Here to stay. No need to vote on that one.

It’s okay – relax. Let your mind flow. Type whatever comes out. (Questionable stuff can be reviewed afterwards!). In the words of Tom Robinson:
“Sing if you’re glad to be gay…”
- I’m not, but if I was I might just want to talk about it. Invite discussion. Have lots of big hunky construction workers sitting around on beanbags smoking ‘funny cigarettes’ telling me about how they never got over the death of their late aunt when the were 8 yrs old……………..and how it forced them into construction work …….and ultimately buying ‘Village People’ albums.

See? It can be done. The lesson for today endeth here…….I thank you:)

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