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Blue Ridge Mountains

Good old John Boy. I wonder if he was the inspiration for 1000's of kids sitting scribbling away in their attic rooms in the Blue Ridge mountains ? (Now there's a scary thought - think of all that untapped energy......if only it could have been harnessed.....it could  have run a generator which powers the library in Charlottesville, and solved their electricity worries for the rest of eternity !) I'm fairly certain that ' The Waltons ' is not running on any channel here in the UK at the moment, (correct me if I'm wrong), but it most be airing still somewhere in the USA. Well, you would have liked the programme I saw the other day - 'After They Were Famous - The Waltons'. It was good to see all the kids , particularly 'Erin Walton' ( Mary MacDonough )  - boy she was hot , right?....in a purely innocent televisual sorta way.....;). I noticed that the Waltons link back there didn't have any mention of the number of animals they had on the show. I remember a dog called 'Reckless', but for the rest of you animal lovers - take a peak here .

I think the point about of all this is, no matter what you've got to say - just say it. I mean, how many times have you heard yourself thinking - "Damn. I wish I'd said something then". It happens all over. When you go out on your first date, and you're completely tongue-tied in front of the girl/guy of your dreams.....you can actually hear 'it' being shouted in your head! Sometimes there isn't even a second date because you were, well, so literally 'dumb'. :)
At work, in a meeting when you disagree with something - speak up - what's the worse that can happen, ( - just got visions of a Dr Pepper TV ad in my head "...what's the worst that can happen...."), - you'll get an answer to your query, you'll get your point across - you'll be heard.You could be fired :)

I've said it before.....and true to form....I'll say it again - communication is everything. Make it a point in the coming year to speak up and be heard.............just don't get arrested :)

Good night John Boy.

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