Earlier in the week I went to Bordeaux , France on business. It went something like this........

"Why is that section of the tarmac at the airport called the apron ? My colleague S. surmised that it may look like an apron from the air - with a pocket and strings. I laughed sympathetically & gave him another pill. A steep bank & dive found us bumping in to the ground at Bordeaux airport. It wasn't a landing as such, we'd just ran out of air. And the way the brakes were applied it was glaringly obvious we were running out of runway.
What surprises me most of all about the little jaunt from London to Bordeaux is this: after spending 40 minutes sitting on the runway before take-off, how was it that we were only 5 minutes behind schedule on arrival? What the hell do they do when they set off on time - fly around in circles? I was a bit concerned at one point when the blue sky began to get a little darker the higher we got - this would explain in making up the time. As we had a window seat over a wing, I was checking for bits coming off it as we descended.....!

And what lovely sunny weather down here. Clam. Balmy. Mildly warm. Yes - this is a far cry from freezing, snowy Paris about a month ago. It all seems so informal. So informal that I picked up the wrong bag off the conveyor belt - but my key worked the padlock! And after finding some magasines in the front pocket that I never had......I tried the padlock again - and opened the case! A  wallet, book etc - not mine, oops! I calmly dumped the case back on the belt. My case came along a few mins later.

Holiday caption competition: " I like Bordeaux because...." (In less than 20 words). The sun didn't set until at least 7 - 7.30 tonight.  During the early evening we got a taxi into town, (the hotel restaurant was shut - an annoying national Sunday night habit in France), to sample the delights. Without a map, or any knowledge of Bordeaux, I would say this was a huge medieval town/city centred around a long, (extremely wide in places!), meandering river. There are a few ancient looking brick bridges which seem to link the old Venetian-style river jettys on one side with the huge chateau-like former commercial buildings on the other,  in an area, which I guess was the 'main part of the city' many years ago when the town was trading off the river.

At this time, the ancient cobble stones were being ripped up for huge amounts of roadworks. I've never seen so much street construction on such a scale in a small area. Some of it was to lay tram lines, some for relaying the road surface. In the side streets off one of the main squares, where the tram line workers had stopped work today, (these lads are obviously not on a bonus to finish the job!), it became so quiet the further you walked down - you could, quite literally, hear a pin drop. Naturally, in situations such as this one one can only admire the beauty of the aged facades of the tall, over-hanging buildings, marvel at the way the moonlight shimmers across the tiled rooftops - almost bringing the silence as it dances along the parapets, and with full appreciation of the sights around you...........break into a chorus from the Banana Boat Song - "Day-o! Day-ay-ay-o! Daylight come & he wan go home.....!" HA - yes - it echoed like buggery! Job done :)

And - as if by magic, we stumbled across the Connemara Irish see, even in France, there is a God. So we had a pint & watched some footie on Sky Sports One on a huge screen - then tootled off to find something to eat" 

Work was okay :) The weather got hotter off the next few days. I recommend Bordeaux Airport for a nice,quiet undisturbed meal with a panoramic view across an empty and fields. We ate there in the upstairs restaurant before we left - very nice and tranquill..........yes - there weren't many planes :)