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I was lurking in the labs late one night...., actually we stopped on the mountain road on our way back down from Nevadaville. Again, on the spur of the moment, Sue remembered a place that was worthy of a man and his digital camera to go to.
Yes - it was a bin with a bear warning on it! :)

No, of course it wasn't you mad thing! We had slewed the car over into a layby to go and take a phot of this sign you see to the right here. Now, I know it sounds odd - but there wasn't any great evidence of any 'water fall' until you trekked back off the road a little...

Yup, and sure enough - there it was ALL FROZEN UP(!) -
Boulder Falls. It was, actually, quite spectacular even though it was frozen up.

And, of course, one cannot get so close to a lovely photogenic frozen river and not scramble down the bank to get some arty photos...can one? :) ...

And for no other reason than "I can" because "I was there". I'm going to include two pictures of a Harley Davidson motorbike..... Okay, there is a story attached to this....

Whilst we were just coming back from the 'frozen falls', this huge big biker guy - all dressed in leathers - came tottering up the river bank trail with his petite 'biker chick' - equally swathed in black leather. I got the impression that this was "one of their favourite places". Anyway, as we passed by, he send to his girlfriend that he could see someone climbing on the rocks above the falls - way in the distan
ce. I said to him "Where?" - and then he lent real close to me and pointed up, past the side of my head, so I could follow his finger to the side of the mountain. He was a BIG guy...:). Anyway, me and Sue scooted back down to the lay by, and there was his bike. And we had to wait for him until he came back because we couldn''t get the car out!

And now, due to popular request (!), to find out what else we did, and the fun we had in Colorado - I've uploaded a photo album for you to view here.

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