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Douglas Bader's Slippers

I'm sorry - but I just have to get this one out of my system. I've had this  written down on a scrap of paper for months. And everytime I update my 'to do' list for 'Blogging With Dr P...', this gets transferred as well. The list, which now takes up a side of A4 paper is broken up into two sections:

'Entry Ideas' - that's to say, for some bizarre reason I  thought I might run dry of things to talk about - ha - me ! - so I thought I'd better write down some emergency subjects, a bit like ' conversation cards'. Thankfully, like most things I think about, all I need is one word, or phrase, and then that's enough for me - I can usually come back to it after that and understand what I originally meant. Admittedly, I have used this emergency list a few times over the last couple of months. This has been because I've not felt that good, (hand/wrist wise), or generally exhausted from the bloody painkillers. Also, I've spent a lot of time reading other people's weblogs/journals & message boards. (The links you see to the left of this item are all places where I like to go and read. The people there have far more interesting lives than me, and a lot of them are quite accomplished natural writers -please go 'click' and have a read). Finally, as if I have to give any reasons at all (!), I have spent some time since 'Blogging With Dr P...' first was born back at the beginning of November , in getting this present format correct. I don't know about you, but I like the way this page looks...easy on the eye....not too 'busy'......and content that makes you feel like saying "Yes - it is time to wash the car isn't it ?"...or something like that.

'Stuff ' - stuff. Well, that just about describes what that section of the page consists of. This is anything 'technical' to do with the weblog. Initially, I spent an inordinate amount of time, (which I had an ' inordinate ' amount of recently), looking for 'free' things. Thankfully, everything you see on this page is free. I don't pay for any webspace with Pitas .... and, of course, Flexwindow - yes, I know I never said I'd mention them again - has enabled me to include piccies on the page. All the counters are free, as is the guest book. The numerous webrings , journal societies which I belong to, are also listed down the left hand side, did take a long time to research and find. Nowadays the 'stuff' section is fairly empty. I don't want to make anymore techie changes or additions to the weblog......at the moment.

Douglas Bader was a WWII fighter pilot who lost both his legs. His story is here. He was a hero. In my retailing career, (yes there is a connection here), I was once based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Just outside Donnie is a small town called Sprotbrough . DB was brought up there. Indeed, so I was lead to believe, the pub I was taken to one evening, was, in fact, DB's old house. Inevitably, as the evening went on........(can you see this coming yet?)...........I did............(c'mon - you must see what's coming next..? )..........I did, in fact, get legless in Douglas Bader's house. There - I said it.

But I still can't remember who said to me: "You're about as much use as Douglas Bader's slippers!" .........? But, occasionally, I kinda guess what they meant...

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