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First Day Back At School - Post Carpal Tunnel

Today is the first day back at 'school'....well, work actually. If you're superstitious, this will make perfect sense to you. I haven't been to work since Friday 13th September last year. I shan't harp on about the details, (the old "Carpal Tunnel" ops),I'm sure you know enough about them already. The theory is,( and I have a final appointment with the neurosurgeon next week to confirm all of this), that all the remaining symptoms should disappear within six months to one year. Does that sound familiar? Is that the sound of a professional medical man who is really saying - "Actually, it just depends really, and I've got no idea how long it will take. Hell - you might be stuck with some of that stuff for the rest of your life!" Honestly, I'd rather he'd said that to me all along, because thats what it feels like. Thankfully he never said to me - " Listen gorgeous, enough of the small talk. Lets stop messing about with the local anesthetic and hit the 'laughing gas' and P>>>A>>R>>T>>>Y !!!!!"

So, what am I up to? A quiet day at the office going through mountains of emails? Nope. A hectic day on the road stuck in traffic listening to CDs? Wrong again. No, "....today Matthew I'm going to be......" in France. Paris to be exact. I'm off up the snow covered M11 motorway in a few, to arrive at the snowbound Stansted Airport. A French retailing company, with whom I've been working with over the past year or so, now requires my expertise and international professional diplomatic skills & knowledge.....*cough*...okay, they need me & my colleagues over there for a few weeks in February. Today  is the preliminary food tasting & beer swilling events  meeting to discuss.........'stuff'.

'Stuff' is a professional retailing term for...."Actually, it just depends......."

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