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Guy Fawkes Night 1

So it really is 'Guy Fawkes Night' tonight (Nov 2002)

Little old ladies shivering behind net curtains. Motorway junctions at a standstill because a 'youth' has decided to fire a rocket at a canvas articulated lorry full of illegal immigrants. Parents being dragged into muddy school fields and parks, and forced to eat undercooked hotdogs, whilst staying close to the St.John's Ambulance van in case they get on a 'Reality TV' programme.
'Red Watch' having to miss out on everything from Colin Fry/John Edward (Living TV), straight through Emmerdale, Eastenders and Holby City - the worst times of the evening for fires.
And our boys in blue having to contend with some drunken arse, (in every 1.25 pubs this evening across the UK!), who will find it highly amusing to let a Catherine Wheel off on the table just after a round of drinks has arrived - and a big fight ensues because one guy thinks it's got to do with the other guy '...staring at his girlfriend....'. (This often occurs on other nights throughout the year, but with a differing frequency.)

But what is it all about?

Surprisingly, it has very little to do with the Diwali ,which seems to have fire works going off all through October. Nope it's all down to this geezer Guy Fawkes. Bless.

If it wasn't for him, (actually him GETTING CAUGHT - it might have been a whole different celebration/remembrance if he'd succeeded !), we wouldn't have to rush from our cars to the house in fear of a 'Sparkler Attack' from the neighbour's kids, or worry if the cat will be able to sleep.....?!.......I don't have a cat - but there may be some cat lover's reading this.....best not alienate anyone I don't have to.
There maybe some rhino owners reading this as well....but they'll be okay....being fairly thick skinned...(ouch!).

Me? Me and the missus are off to stand in a muddy school field near the St.John's Ambulance van eating undercooked hotdogs :)

Have a good one!

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