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Guy Fawkes Night 2

So that was Guy Fawkes night ?

A memorable night for glaziers,alarm monitoring engineers, and prank phone call makers saying someone was blowing up the bank.

Not a good night for alien invasions.

Lets be honest, if it takes you 365 'Earth' days to spin your flying saucer on a round trip from the planet 'Zarg', and the most populated part of the world that you hit first is the UK - you're in for a bit of a shock if you get here on November 5th of each year!

Below is a transcript of the translated flight recorder footage from the inter-galacric scout ship 'Zarg 1'...(Don't ask me how I got it..it's along story involving abduction,Camerons Best Bitter, a bizarre fancy dress party, - lets just say 'I got the negatives!')...anyway...the footage.

This recording was from the bypass of Zarg 1 sometime in the late 1980's.....
"FUCK ME THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN !!! Swing it about, Pilgrim - wagons Ho - back to Zarg - yeeeee haaaaaa !"
(They have also been heavily influenced by the 'Western'genre movie).

So, there you have it. Why haven't we had 'contact' on a permanent basis before? Lets face it - if everytime you came to say 'hello', and all these mad buggers were firing rockets at you - and cheering.........you'd think twice, right ?!
Roswell ? The wreckage was found July 3rd 1947. What failed to be reported was that lodged in the debris was the remains of a 'Shoot-To-The-Stars' British firework - collected on Zarg 1's bypass over Middlesbrough.....Guy Fawkes night 1946....

The truth is out there.....it's just too damned scared to come in!

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