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The Handshake Game

I came across this after dinner party game many years ago. And like many after dinner party games it relies on your level of consciousness at the time. And I don’t just mean whether or not you’re in a communicative state of mind because you might be concerned with Third World debt, or the political situation in Nicaragua – I’m referring to your alcohol intake. Naturally, games like Twister require no adjustment at all. In fact, the more alcohol the better – just be ready to do a lot of cleaning up afterwards. (N.B. if you’re planning to play Twister after dinner – don’t serve Chinese food – very messy). So where were we? Ah yes – The Handshake Game……It’s very simple. But it does require complete honesty, in other words no bullshitting. There’s a game called Balderdash where a player gives several definitions of a word, and the other people have to guess the right one. Ideal game for me! If you’re good at talking complete bollocks – then Balderdash is the game for you. Ah yes – The Handshake Game……..

It's like this - I know an elderly gentlemen who's uncle was one of the conspirators who plotted to kill Rasputin . Therefore, I've shaken hands with the elderly gent, (count 1), he has obviously shaken hands with his uncle, (count 2), he naturally has shaken hands with Rasputin, (count 3). So at this point I can say that "I have Rasputin in three handshakes". But the clever amongst you would then realise that I must have Czar Nicholas II and many members of the former Russian Royal family 'in 4' . The natural consequence of that would be to say, therefore I have many members of other European royal familys from the turn of the 20th century, 'in 4 or 5' - including Queen Victoria .

You could be challenged to prove your link & explain your handshakes if for example you said you had 'God in one' . A good person you might be, but an angel, saint, or someone in direct contact with 'The Big Guy' - you are probably not. A person may then try to beat your number of handshakes with an equally implausible number of links to the person you have named. There are several ways to play this game:

  • drawing names of famous people out of a hat and the person with the shortest path wins.
  • the 'Cinderella Round'  - where you have to have a circular number of handshakes which leads back to you - by 12 shakes.
- those are just two ways to pay it. We can play this here as well, please go to my guestbook to carry on the game, (leave sketchy details just to prove want you claim , if you want to)......let me see......:
  •  who can get to Neil Armstrong in the least number of handshakes?
  • - and I'll stick with Queen Victoria in 5 - anyone better that?
Have fun. And please take this game with you else where - drink beer and enjoy :)

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