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Lucid Dreaming

Somebody try this will you, and let me know if this works - put a small piece of amethyst on your forehead (you can also use some tape since you don't want it to fall off while your sleeping) before bed, and all of your dreams will be more on the pleasant side or at least not as negative as usual. Also use quartz crystal and Herkirmer diamond crystal and moldavite on your forehead while sleeping and have both good and bad dreams, which can be enhanced like 10 times because of these stones. It is possible to increase your intuition by using them while sleeping (this is one of the easiest ways to increase intuition). Potentially, one could imagine your lucid dreams would pick up, big-time while trying this.

That was a piece of practical advice I was given many years ago about enhancing lucid dreams. Lucid Dream: Any dream where one gains consciousness and realizes that one is dreaming. So there you go. I only ever had one true lucid dream. It was a good 20 years ago. I was sharing a flat with three college buddies. One of the beds was a collapsible sofa in the sitting room. We took monthly turns to sleep on it. It was my turn. We'd stayed up very late, or was it very early (?) one night/morning - I remember going to bed around 3am. I couldn't sleep. And in that Alpha Sleep type state,( Alpha Sleep - Sleep in which alpha activity occurs with sleep EEG patterns.)....I dreamt the following:

I was sitting on the sofa in the sitting room in front of the gas fire. I could feel the heat of the fire. I felt the crappy corduroy fabric of the sofa. I ran my hand across it. I saw the beige colour of the sofa, the orange of the fire, the brightness of the room. I felt I was sitting in an upright position - on the sofa. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered I was in bed, and a blind panic swept over me - quickly followed by a wave of confusion - and my eyes snapped open in the dark..............I was, of course, laying in bed. I turned the sitting room light on. The fire was out.

Now - in terms of lucid dreams, this was not very significant. It didn't have a hidden meaning. I never went anywhere I hadn't been before. Never met anyone new. Never did anything spectacular. It never occurred again. However............I was not in bed, and I was sitting on the sofa. It was as real as me thumping this keyboard right now.........as real as you reading this. It was a weird......but great experience.

But, my most funniest dream was where a complete stranger told me a joke - a pun - in a dream. It made me chuckle. It made me chuckle so much - I woke up laughing - and that made me laugh even more. The sad thing was, I was so surprised at waking up laughing - that I forgot what the joke was - ha :)

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