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Naked Mud Wrestling!

There - that made you sit up and read, didn't it ? Once I got the stitches out of my right wrist, (from a Carpal Tunnel op), I could get back to my naked mud wrestling career - yeeha! Well, not quite. My wrist did hurt like hell, and I couldn't soak the wound in water for a few days - so gallons of sticky mud oozing all over the place was out of the question.....

So, you want a NAKED NUD WRESTLING career, or are you just interested in naked mud wrestling as a spectator sport? In the words of our recently departed Australian crocidile hunter:

The Crocodile Hunter - Mud Wrestling

The Crocodile Hunter - Mud Wrestling

Crikey! That was close! Get too close and personal with Steve Irwin, everybody's favorite reptile wrangler, with this wallpaper from The Crocodile Hunter.

Or were after some naked mud wrestling hints an tips?

The Art of Mud Wrestling by Peter Barry is the only book wqith a mud wrestling title that you'll find outside of the more racy and exotic naked mud wrestling magasines.

The Art of Mud Wrestling by Peter Barry is the book for you if you want to explore more about mud wrestling, I think!

Of course I'm sure there's some of you who want links to naked mud wrestling as well, right? Here's a nice little naked mud wrestling video from the messyfun.com people, it's entitled Houston Mud Wrestling - very educational!

Well, I gave up my naked mud wrestling career for an easier life, but if you're still interested in naked mud wrestling, and you want to show the world that you are a mud wrestler, (if not a naked one!), then get out there and splash around naked in lots of mud with some good fun loving naked mud wrestler buddies!

Naked mud wrestling is a jolly, nice healthy exercise and provides fun and entertainment for young and old. I hope you find what you're looking for - you dirty old man! ;O)

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