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Androgynous Dream Activists (Omorphions)

It does sound like a suppport band for Duran Duran during a 1980's tour of Thailand, or something, doesn't it? But it came to me in a dream........just last night............and yes - I'm going to tell you about it...  
I was driving around a motorway - somewhere- (have you noticed in dreams how you don't necessarily know exactly where you are sometimes, but that the surroundings seem comfortable & familair?),  - it seemed like a bit of a sci-fi ring road around a central city 'suspended' in the air. Dark City came to mind......except this was during the day.  The traffic began to bunch up at high speed. I was in the fast lane, oops, I mean an 'overtaking' lane, when I saw huge accidents occuring in the middle and inside lanes. There were smashes, multi-car pile ups,cars, (and perhaps 'csars' as I originally  typed. Probably driving Zil's :) ), sliding and twisting all over the place. But it didn't seem to bother me. (Lets be honest, in 'real life' I'd have cacked me pants by now and probably have ploughed into the back of someone else.......but let's not discuss my driving skills here (!)...meanwhile, back at the dream...)...Nope, I was a cool as a cucumber. (Question - How do cucumbers describe their own suave,sophisticated, stylish & debonaire approach to the traumas of everyday life? It takes some balls to be cool knowing that in the end you'll be 'salad fodder'. Or maybe they don't know,eh? Perhaps they think they're going to 'Cucumber Heaven' once they get lifted out of the tray in the supermarket? Except for the 'half cucumbers' who are probably hoping they're going to a 'Limb Replacement Centre for Mutilated Vegetables '. Or maybe.......they just don't think at all..........lets get back to the dream, eh?..........). There I was, still, as cool as that aforementioned salad vegetable. Eventually, I was towards the front of what was left of the traffic on the motorway, and there seemed to be an unspoken accepted desicion that we should all slow down. I do remember putting my left hand out and bracing myself on the dashboard - waiting for some plonker to rear-end me. It never happened. There was some commotion happening on a motorway bridge some distance ahead.

The scene changed to a press conference being given by the police in relation to the motorway incident. The room was very bright & white. The police were showing video evidence. The video showed  'people' in white radioactive suits running across a road. They were all identical. I remember looking over the policeman's shoulder at his notes. He was refering to them as 'Omorphions' - like they were some sort of lesser part of society. I got the impression that this particular group of Omorphions had been programmed to do what they did, so the police weren't blaming them directly for their actions, just whoever had programmed them - as those people were the real activists......and when I woke up.....it was all a dream.

Oh yes, before anyone says it - Omorphions are not Irish clones.

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