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Remote Viewing - My Story

It's difficult to know where to begin with this subject. Remote Viewing, RV, in it's simplest terms is the ability to be able to see/travel in the past/present/future to people/places and events. The Larger Universe.com used to have, (it no longer exists), a bulletin board where many people, me included, used to post their thoughts, experiences etc on RV. Here is one posted by me on Saturday 24/10/98:

Having already dabbled in basic RVing using a mixture of CRV/SRV protocols, with a small measure of success, I decided to invest in some form of training - an audio cassette course from 'The Academy of Remote Viewing Through Time and Space' - aka 'The Probable Future Corporation' , ran by a former European trained RVer - Gerald O'Donnell . It's slightly concerning at first because the tapes sound like a lot of heavy mental suggestion to suggest that you've reached the 'Theta Level of Consciousness', as opposed to actually getting there. But it does tend to get you in a relaxed frame of mind for bigger and better things. I was soaking in the sound from the first tape and seem to get down to Theta. Whilst there, the tape suggests, that some students may want a guide to help them communicate with The Greater Universe. The voice said that you might be surprised who appears. I wasn't really thinking about that when suddenly a woman's face appears...........

She was in her late forties. White. Black beehive hairdo with black horn rimmed glasses. Her face was silhouetted against a leaded glass window - as if I was looking up to her. Then 'I' was standing next to her - we were in the front row of a church service. BUT - I got the distinct impression that 'I' was a small boy, about ten years old. I remember looking up at her - 'I' must have been 'her son', or something. I looked down at my hands to confirm this - small hands!
Anyway, I looked behind me along the row (as small boys do in church services!) and a small blond haired girl was waving to me. (- I'm not quite sure whether I actually saw that or I was making it up to complete the scene...). Then my view point spiraled out above the church, which seemed to be surrounded by yellow wheat/corn fields.

Now - I don't know about you, but little images appearing just as I'm about to drop off to sleep is not an unusual thing for me. So, I didn't think anything of this. As the psychologist might say - "It could have been my Namer & Guesser assembling an image because I needed to identify something......". The voice on the tape suggests that that if someone appears - ask who it is. Before we'd even got to the church service bit, Three bits of information popped into my head-

1. Myrtle Green
2. 1954
3. Minnesota

Wow! What was that ? Again I didn't think much of this until I finished that RV session. (One of the main points of an RV session, in whatever manner it is done, is that information has to received first, then analyzed afterwards). I began to think - maybe there is a Myrtle Green out .....there. It sounded like such a daft name to make up - even for me. And what about that date and place ?

I begin to search the web. I tried the US White Pages - no luck. I try a general search for 'Myrtle Green' - no luck. Then on the edge of one of these search engine pages, it directs you towards genealogy sites. Now, you have to believe in fate a little bit here. There is a lot of crappie 'no access', incomplete, useless 'family tree' type web sites out there. However, I got quickly lead to a genealogical site (not Minnesota based), which was concerned with the Green Family Name. Down in the listing were about half a dozen Myrtle Greens.

Below is  the info from the genealogy page:
Name: Myrtle Leona Green         
Birth date: June 01, 1898         
Birth location: Ohio         
Death date: July 11, 1954
Age at death: 56yrs 41 days.         Death location: (unknown)        
Spouse: Schick, Walter

And here is a copy of my documented RV session:
Name: Myrtle Green - matches.
Date 1954 - matches. Location Minnesota' - no match. Could be place of death, or church.
Date at death - possibly slightly older than person I 'saw'.

General Description: White woman. Black hair. Beehive haircut. Black horn rimmed glasses. In a church with a small boy about ten. Church possibly in the  fcountryside. Wheatields susurrounding. Could be Ohio.

I emailed Gerald O'Donnell, and he said it was a bit strange, and to 'ask for clarification'.....I wasn't able to get back to that level/frame of mind to find out any more via RV. I've tried tracing Walter Schick - so far I've found:

1. a ex-German WWII fighter plane designer who defected to the US - he co-authored a book. I don't know if he is alive - although he'd have to be quite old!
2. The 'Walter Schick Jazz Quintet' - who, I think, are still playing.

And that's where the story ended. Life took hold of my surroundings and I didn't have any more time to devote to RV. Anyone can do this. It is just a matter of mental application. Just like riding a bike, really. I once did a demo for a friend of mine, and it's also something I do from time to time. I asked him to put a marker in the middle of a magasine which neither he, nor I, had opened. I then got myself settled, and attempted to view the page. It was quite successful. I got a mixture of the pages on either side of the bookmark - because they were both pictures.

Minority Report makes me smile. It's just a wild advancement of the use of RV type technology,(people), who already helping the authorities in many ways. Go take a look into the future - it's here already.

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