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The Avril Lavigne Complex

Now, I know this sounds a bit odd.....but.....I think I'm stalked by Ms Lavigne .Everywhere I go - she seems to be there. Okay, to be more precise - every TV or radio I come across seems to be playing her songs. Yes the current hits are "Complicated" and "Sk8er Boy"....nah nah nah......ha - it was always the mature end to a kids argument, wasn't it? Or when you'd just proved a point - 'So there - na nah nah!' And even when you were a kid you knew it was a totally meaningless statement, but it still left you frustrated because you knew you'd lost the .argument If only you'd got your 'nah nah nah' in there quicker - the world might have been a whole different place......until the next little spat.

Okay, I'll admit it - this is not the first time this has happened either. Remember when Dido first hit the charts about a year and a half ago? Same story. And that was even more bizarre, as there were huge geographical distances involved in-between me seeing one of her video's on TV, or listening to her in the car. I ended up buying her album & recommending her to all family & friends - in fact, I even went to her web site and emailed her record company saying how good she was. How's that for dedication, eh? I  won't go this far with the Lavigne girl. I mean, there international laws about this sort of thing, and I 'm probably sailing a bit close to the wind with admitting the fascination with her in the first place. But it is a musical thing - I just seem to have got the bug for this teeny-bopper music. The ' Bjork Phase' was totally different, of course..............as was the ' Britney Period'.............no - I am positively repulsed by Christina Aguilera. She just looks bizarre in that ' Dirty 'song.      

I suppose I should end here with a note about our maritime chums. Sailors must have a bit of a confusing time when they think they are near to doing something wrong.  They're not going to say "I think I'm sailing a bit close to the wind......" They might be on their boat at the time - how daft is that going to sound? Probably not half as daft as me trying to explain it I think. 

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