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What's In The Fridge?

Admittedly, it does sound like a second-rate TV quiz show, but I do have to wonder what's in there at the moment..........I don't think we even bought any pate ? Why does that weird smell always stink of pate? Okay, everything's dead in there, (except for you natural  yoghourt freaks containing 'live' bacteria)...........

......I just made an intercontinental typing error. Perhaps it was a John Edward type explanation - somebody making contact from the other side . But 'live' first got typed as 'livre', which, of course, will all know is French for 'book'. Now what kind of message is that ? It's true, I've got to organise a business trip in to France in February, sorry that's 'Fevrier'. Perhaps the International Spirit Travel Agents, ( surely not the ISTA ?),  is prompting me to 'BOOK'  early? This unfortunate  'expressionbook early' was  also used as a tag line for a UK TV commercial for 'Pontins Holiday Camps' . A hapless camp director was wheeled out of a cupboard at the end of the commercial, with the 'thumbs up' sign, (well before the days of mobile phones and texting - a perfectly well formed English thumb!), mumbling those immortal words "Help get me out of here!"  "Now remember - book early". Sad really. I was sure he'd died many years before, but they just wheeled him out of a cupboard every year - like one of those military dictators who has to make an  appearance on the balcony at the island's annual 'Car Jackers Parade', lest he be overthrown by the other volatile poilitcal parties . Yup - that was probably it. A message to 'book early'.

However, having attempted to correct 'livre', I ended up with 'lire', which used to be the currency of Italy before the Euro stepped in. Horrible idea - the Euro. Takes away ones national identity. We'll never have it here.....(remember you saw that said here first!). I don't know any Italians personally. When I was a good little Catholic altar server (it's funny - that link - I see the excursions haven't changed in over 27 years or so..!) many years ago........(yes, I was...ha), we did go on a 'pilgrimage' to Rome to see the Pope. Thankfully he was in when we got there, or that would have been a wasted journey!

What's in the fridge? Neither French books nor old Italian money. But there is a half a bowl of pasta on the top shelf, and a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc 2001 in the door. That must be it - a dinner reminder.

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