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I once worked for the Royal National Institute for the Blind,(R.N.I.B.), in their 'talking book' service in London. The building used to be on Goswell St, just around the corner from the old entrance to the Angel tube. Before London Underground renovated the tube station at The Angel, Islington, there used to be an entrance that was typical of the old post-war tube buildings - lots of dark brown wood everywhere. The escalators had wooden slats in them, and the lifts were small, (small for the ever increasing London population, and wooden. One morning, cramped in there with the tens of thousands of people trying to beat the 'rush hour', (which we know in all major cities actually runs from about 6.00am to 10.00am), I spied one of the funniest pieces of graffitti I've ever seen. It made me laugh so much, the people somehow managed to leave an exclusion zone around  me. For that short lift journey I was 'The Nutter In The Lift' - leave well alone.

I don't know how 'Seven Up' was advertised in the USA, or outside the UK in general, but the campaign here in the UK went along the lines of: "(insert name) thought (insert occupation) was boring until he/she discovered Seven Up" - accompanied with appropriate pics of before/after type thing. All very mundane, right? Well, there I was, minding my own business, asleep - propped up between other vertical corpses on their way to work, when  I opened my right eye to 'read the wall'. There were the usual ads etc , but there in good old fashioned black marker pen between two aluminium framed poster ads was the following piece of graffiti:

"Snow White thought sex was boring until she discovered Seven Up......"

- well, I immediately howled with laughter! This automatically woke up all the 'living dead' around me. They shuffled to one side to avoid my shaking frame as I tried to stifle my laughter.........I mean - it's not what you expect to read on a lift wall.  Although the lift journey was only about  2-3 minutes, it must have been hell for the rest of them, because by the time the lift stopped at the top, there was a huge space around me - and everyone else was plastered against each other and the walls. When those lift doors opened.............pop...........WHOOSH!!!! - bodies went spraying out over the very small station concourse like, well, a 2L bottle of Seven Up exploding when it hits the ground after being dropped from the top floor of a multistory car-park.

So remember, the next time you order your favourite No.2 meal at MacDonalds with Seven Up.......think of graffiti in a London tube lift.

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