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Hair Wax - The 'Bees Knees' In Hair Styling?

Several years ago, as most things seem to be nowadays, I lived in Brighton, Sussex on the south coast of England. It was, and still is, a great place to live. 'The Pink Coconut' (q.144 in the link - the questionnaire gives you an idea of the type of club it was !), on West Street, was an excellent place to go for a night out - any night of the week ;). It transformed itself into 'Paradox', 'Barcelona' and finally 'Creation'..............but it doesn't beat a Tuesday night 'doing the 'Time Warp' with yer mates ! And around the corner to that fish & chip shop that used to stay open until 2amish in the morning. More Brighton memories at a later date.
But what has this got to do with hair wax? Well, there I was - 'a bright young thing' with a barnet like a birds nest, and not a clue what to do with it. And as often happens, particularly when you're working in a shop full of girlies and you're talking about 'hair' , - you get a recommendation to go to a particular hair dressing salon/boutique etc - there were so many in Brighton - hell there had to be some place for the out-of-work-gay -hairdressers to hang out in and have a cappuccino - this was still in the days of instant coffee for the rest of the caffeine-intaking population. Those boys had style :) . So off I went to a trendy boutique - the 'Greenhouse' or 'Glasshouse' - and had all me hair shaved down to a Number 2, and then spiked up with hair wax . This was the first time I had had hair wax in my hair - it felt kinda weird. But not as weird as it felt later on that evening................

I'm Naturally Stuck-Up! Stiff Hair Styling Wax 4 oz: K

I'm Naturally Stuck-Up! Stiff Hair Styling Wax 4 oz: K

I'm Naturally Stuck Up! Hair Wax delivers strong stiff hold for use after drying and styling. It's Really Stiff. All Hair Types Style & Shape Hair Therapy. Provides a long lasting, heavyweight, stiff hold to use after drying or styling. Styles, details, nourishes and protects all hair types. Great for extra defining texture with short cuts. Rub evenly through hair. For your different moods and active lifestyle, try Jason's Style & shape Frizz control, Hi-Shine Plus, Mousse, Mends Ends or Hi-Shine Styling Gel.

So, after a sweaty day's retailing I, showered & changed. As I had showered since getting my hair cut - I just grabbed a HANDFUL of  wax and shoved it on my head - it looked cool.........so far. And off I went to the pub where the birthday party was. The girl in question had hired the 'function room'. Under the rotating glittery silver ball, (yes - they had one!) , I strutted my funky stuff big-time. But the more I strutted - the more hot I got. And the more hot I got........the more the WAX STARTED TO MELT (!) - and pour down my forehead into my eyes. There reached a point in the dancing where I had to excuse myself as my eyes were stinging me to death - and I rushed off the dance floor to the toilets!
Now - if you thought that was funny - when I got into the toilets - it was a lot cooler - AND THE WAX STARTED TO HARDEN (!) on my forehead and eyes - I was staggering around in the bathroom clawing at my face, trying to find the sinks so I could wash all this stuff off! Needless to say word got out that there was a drunken leper shedding skin in the bathroom. And, not surprisingly enough, when I returned to the dance floor my dancing partner had vanished - do you think she heard the rumours ?

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