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Les Cigarettes

Here's probably the most unsavoury part of my recent trip to our friends across The Channel.....
It’s an uncommonly known fact that France is just one big ashtray. Never have I seen the craving & need for cigarettes go to such levels. In fact, if there were an Olympic event for smoking – the 100 Metres Puff – I think France would easily wheeze it’s way into gold medal position. I don’t smoke. I think it’s a disgusting habit. And what I find appallingly bad about France is that at any given opportunity, i.e. when not sleeping – the old Gitanes/Gauloise will be lit up. Everywhere stinks of cigarettes.

For an international traveller who doesn’t smoke, coming from a country ,(England), where smoking is banned in many public places, or where it is only allowed in certain places…….coming to France & being subjected to the worst form of passive smoking is downright insulting & criminal. I also suffer from hayfever etc – so smoke from cigarettes literally ‘gets up my nose’.

Restaurants & eating places. Call it culture. Call it ‘the way of life’. If you’re French, you have no qualms about ‘lighting up’ in a restaurant. One night a couple came into the hotel restaurant, signalled to the waiter they were occupying a table, and the first thing the woman did was to get out the cigarettes, (which were Gitanes !), and lit two up – one for her & one for him. It is absolutely repulsive. Public masturbation with a cancer stick. It is as obscene & objectionable as that – to me.

France may be full of ‘joie de vie’ and ‘va va voom’ etc, but it is also full of cancer ridden smelly people who show no consideration for anyone but themselves. Some of you might say …’Well, Dr P – if you don’t like it that much, don’t go to France’. But I like my work in France. I like the French people. I like the country in general. But……..

But this obsessive compulsive smoking disorder that France suffers from needs to be addressed. Their mental & physical well being is at stake. And I don’t want my health & clothes ruined everytime I go there. End of rant.

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