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Who Are "They"?

“Where do They live? What do They eat? How do They dress? When did They arrive? Why do we listen to Them?” The answers to these questions would reveal a whole section of society, which have, so far, been grossly ignored. “Do They know each other? Are They Govt. controlled? Should They be put into special clinics out of harms way?” If you haven’t met one of Them yet, I’m sure you’ve heard what one of Them has had to say. Indirectly, never directly. For example:
“England should do well in Australia, they say”, or, “ They say it will snow this Christmas.”
It would be a brave man, an idiot, or one of Them who would be definite about either of those two statements. Idiots are obvious. Brave men will say anything. But there has yet to be a positive identification of one of Them.

“Where do They live?” – everywhere, it would seem. Even before President Kennedy had said ‘it’….there was documented taped evidence of Lyndon Johnson talking to Bobby Kennedy in the Oval Office:
“Hey Bob, they say they’ll be a man on the moon before the decade’s out. Heard anything about it?”
“Nah. But I’ll let Jack know.”
- and thus history was formed by Them. If only the Russians had had some of Them as well, the space race might have had a whole different winner.
Here in the UK, historical records show a remark overheard in a bar in Newcastle in the early 1980’s:
They say they’re going to put a penny on the pint to pay for Keegan?!”
“What?! Hadaway an’shite man!”
And a classic brawl ensued.

“What do They eat?” – anything apparently. Too often in eating establishments across the it’s been heard – “They say the soup/veal/waitress is terrific here.”
“How do They dress?” – this is probably the most difficult aspect of one of Them to pinpoint. But they are well informed – “They say shares are up in Gucci”, and equally, “They can open when they like, but I’m going to beat them and get the best bargains between 6 – 7.30am at my Walmart this Christmas.” Generally, I would say They dress like anybody else.    

“When did They arrive?” Research shows as far back as 17th century England at least. In his introduction to his book ‘The Pilgrims Progress – from This World to that Which is to Come’ John Bunyan wrote:

“Well, when I had thus put mine ends together,
I show’d them others, that I might see whether
They would condemn them, or them justify:
And some said, Let them live; some, Let them die;
Some said, John, print it; others said, Not so;
Some said, It might do good; others said, No.”

How would ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ have looked if John Bunyan had not shown it to Them ?

“Why do we listen to them?” Two reasons. Their sheer size in numbers means that you’re sure to come across one of Them , or at least what They’ve said. Idle chit-chat is now the opium of the masses. They know this! How better to infiltrate society than to use one of it’s natural modes of communicating messages  - gossip, chatter, waffle, ‘bus stop conversations’, - call it what you like – They’ll be there!

Naturally, they say reading articles like this could potentially damage your mental health….maybe.

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