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A Weblog Is For Life – Not Just For Christmas

There are some very fancy ‘shipwrecked ’weblogs out there. I’m sure there’s many reasons why they are abandoned:

·    Alien  - A common problem with many unexplained things…..in my opinion
·    Rocky Moutain Spotted Fever – A ‘regional’ problem
·    Chicken Soup – when no other explanation fits.

With great excitement I browse the webrings and other weblog type societies I have joined, in the hope of finding something that interests me. So far, the links on the left are the places I go for a regular browse. I promise I’ll get around as much as I can – so don’t feel left out if you’re not there. Incidentally, if you do come back here regularly to read my waffle, let me know in the Guest book, simply because if you like reading  me……….there’s a very good chance I’ll like reading you.

Is it me……..or do you have to have complete darkness when you go to bed? I don’t know when this started, (and it wasn’t during WWII  blackouts either because I’m not that old), but I’ve got to the stage now of wearing one of those little eye patch things they give you in the complimentary travel packs on the airlines . I’ve been wearing it more recently, because a building across the road has been undergoing reconstruction , and they’ve got bright lights on the top of it which shine through/above & around the curtain. And it’s the same in the front room – have you noticed how many damned lights are shining from VCR/DVD/Hi-Fi clocks & displays ? Lets not forget the red ‘standby’ light on the TV – I reckon he’s the ringleader, and encourages all the others to flash on & off when I’m asleep! Or maybe nothing happens at all………When I was sleeping in there back in the early days of my CTS, (when I couldn’t sleep properly due to pain, I was crashing on the sofa bed in the front room so my wife could get some sleep), - it was like Blackpool Illuminations in there! And I regret painting the ceiling that silk finish because all the lights were reflecting off it……..
Back in the bedroom the cordless phone base unit also has a red, (charging ) light on it, as well as a green…..er…thingy light – what is the green light for? And God knows why the alarm clock has an alarm on it – the light from the facia is like a high powered laser! I’ve got to cover it with 6 inch sheet steel each night just to get some sleep……actually, I use a book really. 

Maybe that’s why so many weblogs are abandoned - 'alarm-clock-laser-burn' ?

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