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1), Chinese loose leave tea and Chinese tea accessories - Chinese Tea
2) Hands-on experience Chinese Tea 101, how to brew Chinese tea
3) Chinese tea basic knowledge - Chinese tea net
4) Shop from a collection of Yixing teapots - the best brewing tool for Chinese tea
5) Basic knowledge of Yixing teapots
6) Quick data on Chinese tea
7) CNN article on Chinese tea

Chinese Tea  Articles
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Chinese Tea and Health
Chinese Tea and Everyday Life

Chinese tea and Health part 2

     The research also indicated, even if patient equally each week drinks Chinese tea is short to 14 cups, also has the possibility to cause the heart disease mortality rate to reduce 28%. ? ? ? ? Is responsible for this investigation solemn card Dr. Mar stated that, the scientists formerly the massive research which carried on to the Chinese tea healthy effect, has not nearly all involved to drinks Chinese tea with the heart attack death risk between relations. Their research regarding this carried on for the first time has promulgated. ? ? ? ? The researcher believed that,drinks Chinese tea therefore to reduces the heart disease death danger to be able to have the help, mainly possibly gives credit to the natural oxidation inhibitor class flavanone which contains in the Chinese tea. The before this some findings indicated that, a kind of flavanone has reduces the cardiovascular disease disease incidence rate and the mortality rate function. ? ? ? ? But solemn card Mar also pointed out that, related drinks Chinese tea with the heart disease death risk between relation, but also needs the further research to examine and the proof.