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The Fury of the Cow

Saturday, November 30, 2002


Well Friday night is upon us. Or me anyway. Getting ready to head out to the bar. Since it's the day after Thanksgiving there will be many people home for the holiday. It might be nice to see some people from high school days. Well, I gotta go get ready. See ya all tomorrow.

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Friday, November 29, 2002

If the automobile had followed the same developmen
If the automobile had followed the same development cycle as the computer, a Rolls-Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year, killing everyone inside.

Robert X. Cringely, InfoWorld magazine

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The was a request put in for some knowledge to be
The was a request put in for some knowledge to be dropped on you all about mistletoe. Now, this may not fit your definition of "knowledge", but my definition of it is of a much looser quality.

Now in doing my so called RESEARCH for this project I came across this at one of the best sites on the web. How Stuff Works. Read their article on Christmas. I busted out laughing at the various articles. Ok, just at article title #2 in the list.


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EVERYONE PICK OUT THEIR YULE LOG! Yes, Christmas keeps steaming at us like a locomotive from a Looney Toons cartoon. Therefore time to pick the perfect Yule Log.
What? You want to know what exactly what the heck a Yule Log actually is? Ok. I'll help you out. The nice people at Culture Communications have our answer. Check it out HERE.

Now that we all know what a Yule Log is, we can discuss plans for implementing it into our Christmas. Now, as for the description given above, we're only going with the "original" tradition of the Yule Log, so those of us without a fireplace can just forget doing this at all. Or, if you still want to participate, dig a big hole in your back yard and continue on reading. Ok, now we take a quote from the pamphlet Jhawk's Guide to Yule Logs and FUN!.
Step 1. Get in the Christmas Spirit.
This can not be taken lightly. If you can not accomplish this first task then all your really doing is just chopping a big log for your fireplace. Makes it seem more like work then.

Step 2. Find a big log.
Ok, for some this may be easy, for some hard. Those living where there is a rural area easily accessible then you've got it made. Drive there and I'm sure you can find a big log laying somewhere around. Those of us in the city, what do we do? I'm sure some house in your neighborhood has a big tree in their yard. See where I'm going with this? I can not exactly tell you what to do then. That would be me telling you to commit a crime. I am not going to an accessory to your criminal escapades. I'm just saying get creative in acquiring your log :-) Ok so here it is. Step 2 broken down into simple terms --> Get a big log!

Step 3. Take the log and place it on the hearth, make libations by sprinkling the trunk with oil, salt and mulled wine and say suitable prayers.
Easy! Now as far as what the heck mulled wine is, I think it's the same stuff as Nighttrain, MD 20/20 and things like that. Suitable prayers include. Bless this log and May God allow our log to warm our hearth and smolder long into the night.

Step 4. Burn the log.
If I have to explain this step, then please do not attempt it. Because if I do have to explain then it is probably not safe for you to be playing with fire.

Step 5. Enjoy your Yule Log with family. Now just sit back and bask in the warmth. Break out the egg nog, or any nog you like. You can even add a little Jameson's to it if your feeling spunky.

Now we can all relive the ancient Christmas tradition of the Yule Log. YAY!

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Darn supermarkets. They need to start selling boneless chicken breasts cheaper. Why is it I can buy a whole chicken fryer for $4 but if I want 3 chicken breats its $8? Yeah, ok so it's probably due to the extra effort it took to debone the chicken.
Is it debone or de-bone? Never used that word before in a written context :-)
Anyway. I eat more chicken now than I have ever eaten in my life. I'd much rather have a chicken breast sandwich than a steak. Sure, it's healthier, but it just has the flava!

I need to see a movie this weekend. (probably won't do it, but I need to) What do you all suggest? Leave me a comment and I'll try go and see it and tell you what I thought. Now, I must add this DISCLAIMER though.

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Biggest shopping day of the year people! Well, he
Biggest shopping day of the year people! Well, here in the US anyway. It's the day after Thanksgiving! I'm not shopping though. I can't fight those crowds. I'm an ambush shopper. What's that you ask? I know what I'm going for and approximately where it's gonna be in the store. I rush in, head straight to that item, grab it, then pay and I'm out of there. All in all should take less than 5 minutes in most cases. If it takes longer than that. I probably had someone with me to drag me down.

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Thursday, November 28, 2002

Wow. This is cool. I'd like to bid on this over
Wow. This is cool. I'd like to bid on this over on ebay.

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I'm bored! So bored that I started to wonder if y
I'm bored! So bored that I started to wonder if you can actually die from boredom. I don't think you can, but I'm sure you can get so bored, that you will enter a phase that mimicks a coma. There has to be a medical phenomenom like that. :-) Right? I've been bored enough that I actually wished I knew how to crochet. Then I could sit here and make myself a new scarf, as if I needed one.

I tried to cook again last night. If you're familiar with me at all, you probably know a bit of the trials and tribulations I've had in the culinary areas. Last evening's attempt was at a pork roast. Now really, how could this go wrong? Well, I put it in the slow cooking crock pot. After 4 hours the meat thermometer said it should be done. Well, between my roommate and I we didn't really know what it should look like on the inside. Well, it was not even near done! Let it cook for another 3 hours before it was done. :-( Oh well.

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I'm thinking of growing a beard. Probably gonna l
I'm thinking of growing a beard. Probably gonna look pretty darn stupid, but I'm going to do it anyway. I started yesterday. It'll get shaved off soon though. I won't be able to stand it.

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Happy Turkey DAY! or more traditionally Happy Than
Happy Turkey DAY! or more traditionally Happy Thanksgiving.

I'm stuck here at work on this day. Just like I thought I haven't had to do anything at all. I got a DVD to watch and just finished chatting with my sister.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Afternoon y'all! I've been dabbling in cgi script
Afternoon y'all! I've been dabbling in cgi scripts and javascripts. There might some of that implemented here soon. Not quite sure what though. Since I'm not anywhere near the knowledge base needed to code those, I'm relying on free ones, to which I just copy some coding.

I'm getting pretty excited for the KU game again. Still hours away from now.

I've been searching and searching the net all afternoon. Is there anything out there? Well, stuff I can look at while at work.

I have to work for Turkey Day tomorrow. Sucks. I'll make some good money though. That's nice. Always can use the money.

My dad wants this kind of faucet put in their house. It's like $800 at the local Lowe's. WOW.

Granted, it's a cool faucet. Almost a grand for that? :-P

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Another day.
Another day, another dollar for the government to tax and misappropriate.

Well I'm a bit busy today. I'm the only one here in this whole department. We went "live" with this technology on Monday. It's only Wednesday and I'm here making sure that everything remains going smoothly. So far so good. Had a few issues to clear up, but the turned out to be user interface issues. i.e. idiots who don't know what they're doing anyway.

Tonight is another KU game Jayhawk. They play those pesky Tar Heels tonight. Gotta root for the good guys. Yes, I mean KU. >:-|

It sucks that I have to work tomorrow. Somebody has to be here. We got these 2 new laptops here for our department. They got DVD players in them. Our IS department didn't get their grubby hands on them and disable them. So....I'm getting some DVDs tonight so I'll have something to do tomorrow. Our 1X network is in employee trial tomorrow, and the employees we have in the trial are all manager types. Which won't be working that day, so they'll figure were not here too. Therefore, no issues generated and a long day for me.

We had a nice discussion this morning on what a doornail was. You know, as in "deader than a doornail." Well, at first we thought it was a nail that held a door on in the old days. I thought that was a bit easy. It's actually, it seems, that the knocker that was used on doors from ancient times. :) They were heavy knockers and therefore just fell dead on the door when they were knocked. Thus the expression.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2002


The Onion. The Onion give you your dose of Horoscopes!

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It never did snow. I was worried something like t
It never did snow. I was worried something like this would happen. STUCK IN SNOW. (This picture is in high res. Will take long time to load on dial up connections)

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Monday, November 25, 2002

Monday morning. Work work work! 3 day weekends s
Monday morning. Work work work! 3 day weekends should be mandated by law :) Anyone else agree?

Holy moly it's cold outside. It's only about 24 degrees out there. (-4 Celsius for you metric types) We're supposed to get snow too. I hope it doesn't snow quite yet. Snow should be reserved for December forward. Not in November. Snow just isn't quite as a fantastic event like it was when we were younger. All the things that snow could do for you just don't mean much now. Possible cancel of school, sledding, building a snowman, building a fort and snowball fights. Ok so I still build forts and have wicked snowball fights. But, as for everything else about snow it's just not the same. Now snow means..... getting up earlier so I can scrape my windows and dig the car out for work. Getting icky salt from the sidewalks on my nice shoes. Just being Darn cold. Oh! The lost youth. When did this change in my perception of snow happen? When did I become just a cynical adult? Kinda sad isn't it.

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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Ick. Morning. Still have it where I can't sleep
Ick. Morning. Still have it where I can't sleep past like 8. Nobody else here is awake so I can't go out and do anything because it might wake someone up.

Well, my phone is fixed. Sort of anyway. My cell phone was not charging. Now it will a bit. Doesn't last very long though. Still probably need a replacement.

Oh what to do today......

Any ideas?

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Friday, November 22, 2002

And now you can know why cows have such fury!

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Just like I promised!
Here it is. The update is complete and code is in place. The comment sections are now added. You can comment to any post that I make.

I changed to color of the site also. Going a bit Christmas on you all.

Ok get this. As part of my new job, I had to relocate to another part of the building. My desk is right next to another persons desk, who also just moved here. We took the desks of other employees who were moved to new desks themselves. One had this big plant (what kind? I have no idea). She couldn't move it to her new desk (manager wouldn't let her) so she left it here. Today I came to work to find a letter sitting on my desk. It's a contract stating that I'm now responsible for that plant and such, and I need to sign it and return it to her. I'm no horticulturist. It's gonna die, even if I try to help the plant live. I'm doomed.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Got an extra long lunch today. The training class
Got an extra long lunch today. The training class I'm in right now is boring as heck. Kinda an emalgumation of the wireless technologies that I already know, plus the networking and internet side of things I've been doing for almost a year and half now. So it's like taking two classes that you already took, but smashing them into one class for which you already know the answers. :)

Now it's time to head on back into that class now. I did find one new cell phone I want though. Kyocera 7135

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I'm listed on Google! Go to GOOGLE and type Cow a
I'm listed on Google! Go to GOOGLE and type Cow and fury. Boom, top listing! Now if anyone for some reason types in cow and fury in the search engine they'll get me! WOOHOO

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

When you're bored, inspiration strikes. Need
When you're bored, inspiration strikes.

Need some laughs? Visit HERE!!

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Ever wanted to ask a cat a question and get an ans
Ever wanted to ask a cat a question and get an answer? Now you can. You can just ask Feeny!

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As we wind our way ever closer to Christmas . It
As we wind our way ever closer to Christmas . It reminds us that it is ever closer to time to Watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. A classic for all. Matt over at X-Entertainment has posted a cool review, with extra Squirrel Coverage!

There is a new Resturaunt in our fair city. It's one of those Japanese steak houses where they cook on your table. It's called Daimaru Steak House: Tappanyaki Style Dining. Now if you read the description of their resturaunt you will see that this fancy new Japanese steak house is not so fancy. You can tell it's still in a smaller town. See if you notice. If you do Email Me and tell me what you spotted.

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Adding a new link people. This one IS worth it.
Adding a new link people. This one IS worth it. Anyone remember Wil Wheaton? Yep, Wesley from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He's a weblogger too. A blogger as they say. He's pretty darn good at it too. Very interesting site, and a real good read. Go ahead and visit his site. Link also on the right.

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Morning y'all. No, I am not southern. Archiv
Morning y'all. No, I am not southern.

Archives are working. There won't be anything at them so don't click. It only archives once a month, and the first month has not passed yet. Therefore the archive page has not been generated. And that's the way it is!

I added a link in the links section for anew site. Went over it briefly and not sure it's worthy to stay. So I'd like your opinions. Let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

MAJAMBO! Yep, that word means absolutely nothing.
Yep, that word means absolutely nothing. Great huh? Boy howdy, where do I begin? This weekend a big site update. Moving to the pro version of the weblog. Adding a few new features that I've wanted. The comments section. It's needed. So look for that on Friday hopefully. And also an archive section. Not much to archive yet, so I haven't done the code for that yet. Might get around to that tomorrow.

So I had dinner with some cool people this evening. It was a good meal. One of my very best friends and her mom, brother, sister in law, and nephew invited me to eat with them. I appreciated it, so if any of you are stopping by the site. Thank you!

Now on to bed. I'm tired. Just watched the KU game (and they won!) So I'll see ya all tomorrow <>

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If it's common sense, why does it always need expl
If it's common sense, why does it always need explaination. Guess it's not so common.

Just got out of a meeting. It should have been at most, a two hour meeting. It took three. It was a meeting to go over some precedural stuff that we all already know. We just have these meetings every few months as a way to maintain a consistent business model. There was this one person who continuously asked stupid questions, and then would procede to state the obvious. Oh, we were all pretty ticked at her.

Other than that, it's been business as usual.

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Monday, November 18, 2002

I'm so exhausted right now. I'm not sure why. I
I'm so exhausted right now. I'm not sure why. I just feel really run down right now.

Basketball season! Some great games tonight. But, don't think I'm gonna finish watching any. They'll all be on Sportscenter tomorrow. I'll catch them then.

Wish I had some witty writing to dazzle you with. I'm fresh out of ideas. Ok, here's something we can do.

Email me with just one thought. Like one word. Like, Ears. And I'll use that as a topic. I'll write some big update on that. Email me and I'll pick a few and do some updates. OK? OK.

Good Night!

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Why are people so excited at the possibility of ca
Why are people so excited at the possibility of catching a glimpse of themselves on TV? You see this mostly at sporting events. For example, we've all probably seen the guy who got seats behind home plate. Then when it shows the player up to bat, you can see this guy in the background, on his cell phone and start waving. What's with that? Do we have some sort of idea that with this new TV exposure we are well on our way to being rich and famous. Like the fact that we could be seen (if you actually knew where to look and looked hard enough) on TV for 8 seconds sets us above the rest of our peers. I've been on TV and you haven't. Yeah, who cares. Now if we were on TV for something stupid, like streaking across the baseball diamond naked, then that'd be something.

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Wow. Just finished typing up a little project I w
Wow. Just finished typing up a little project I was handed. Had to explain in simpler terms for some of the people who work here two different connections from a DSL DSLAM to specific networks. You can read it here . I will do correct formatting when I get a chance, so settle down!

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Go KU! Kansas Basketball TM Notice that t
Go KU!

Kansas Basketball TM

Notice that these are registered trademarks of the University of Kansas!

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Sunday, November 17, 2002

Not a big update tonight. Feeling a bit tired tod
Not a big update tonight. Feeling a bit tired today.

Work should be pretty boring tomorrow. Will probably get a chance to update then. See ya all then.


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Saturday, November 16, 2002

Well, not napping. :-)If I just took more time to
Well, not napping. :-)

If I just took more time to learn HTML and stuff. I mean, I do know some basics, but it's not my thing. I do the support for the ADSL and soon will be switching departments to support new 3G wireless technologies. You know, where you got a wireless card in your laptop and can go all over town and always be connected to the internet. I'll be running that network. So I'm more of a hardware guy. NIC cards, HD's, and such. A bit on the operating system side. (DOWN WITH MICRO$OFT!)

When I get the money, (which can be a LONG time from now) gonna buy a new Mac. Yes, something from Apple. A real nice G4

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Saturday afternoon. Kinda tired right now. Guess
Saturday afternoon. Kinda tired right now. Guess I must need a nap. I think I'll do that. Gotta get ready to go out tonight. Right?

Probably should go wash my car first. Can't remember though when it's to rain next. You know how it goes when you get your car washed. BAM! Rain.

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I'm going ot bed. Can't find anything else online to keep my interest.

If you know of anything email here jhawk

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Late on a Friday night. Chillin at home.

Watched a pretty darn good basketball game tonight. Texas vs. Georgia.
Great game. Texas won, thank god. BIG 12! Gotta watch some games until KU plays again. Which is next Tuesday. Be there!

Thinking of getting this site hosted. Got several ideas for the domain. So far they've all been available. and so forth. Not bad money to register them. The money comes in on the hosting. Grrr. Why things gotta cost money all the time. That's why I like Thank you guys! Free services. Which next month I will be switching to blogstudio pro, so I can add the comment feature that I really want.

I have stopped updating my other site. You can read the really long URL here It won't get updated anytime soon. It's just much easier and quicker to do it here.

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Friday, November 15, 2002


Ever get the idea that when you're not looking the clocks actually move back a few minutes. Like it's their little joke they're playing on you. I swear it's been 2:08 for like, 15 minutes.

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What a day. What a day. Thank god its Friday!Lon
What a day. What a day. Thank god its Friday!

Long and weird is what best describes this day. Been solving some weird problems on some ADSL connections. Problems between various departments dropping the ball. I swoop and and call all these people and whip them into shape. Amazing that DSL install from order to provisioning date takes about 7-10 days. If I rattle enough cages I can get it done in about 2. Only extreme cases though. Don't expect that I can always do that. Patience on a customer standpoint can go a long way.

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Kinda a dismal day. Cold outside and just plain boring at work. Not a lot to due. A good day for a Friday though. Weekend is coming!

Really having a bad morning because someone managed to do something stupid last night and piss me off. I told this person NOT to specifically do one thing and they up and did it. Then wonder why I'm pissed.

The Law of Office Thermodynamics: The temperature inside the building will be always one day late. i.e. The temperature on Thursday was 62, therefore it was hot inside and the thermostat was lowered. It never reaches a comfortable level on Thursday. Friday is cold, 45, and now the building is cold. Thermostat is raised, but has not resulted in a warmer office.
I could explain this better. I just don't want to.

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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Well, tomorrow is friday. Woohoo. I remember when Fridays meant no more school for the week. Now it's no more work for the week. Except now you gotta do all that other work. Stuff you DON'T get paid for. Mow the grass, paint the fence, etc. Oh why?! Why can't life be simpler? hehe

Wish we had an IKEA store around here. Could get some funky Swedish furniture. Some sort of weird chair named the Farfunegal. Probably already a chair named that.

Enough typing. I'm heading off to do anything else :)

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Well now. Feel the Fury of the COW!It's raining.
Well now. Feel the Fury of the COW!

It's raining. Rain is no good when the temp is only 45 degrees outside. Cold and wet. Worst combination since Sonny and Cher. Hey! It's my opinion. I didn't care much for those two. Alright? Ok.

Well you should see some posts coming along in here from my friend. She is excited to be able to post. Now lets see if she does.

The big wigs did come by my desk. They sat here and we had a little chat. Nothing big. Who they are, who I am. Spectacular? no

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I think I'm gonna let a friend of mine be a guest poster on this. She likes to rant on about stuff. It's the kind of thing that would play well in here. :-)

Ever seen anyone do something really stupid and just stand by and watch rather than pointing it out and helping them avoid humiliation? I have. Not really sure why I just stood there and watched. Could have saved this guy from looking pretty stupid. Thing was, I stood there while he did it 4 times. Ok. Yeah, you probably want to know the story.
I was at the supermarket. We were standing in the checkout line. There was someone ahead of us already checking out. The checker came across an item that would not scan. So he decides to call for a price check across the intercom. Now the intercom is just a phone, kinda one of the older style phones. He picks this up and procedes to talk into it and nothing happens. No sound on the intercom. He switches it to the other line it has and tries again. I'm just staring at him smiling. He hangs it up, then picks it up again and tries it. As if it just needed to be reset. Nope, still doesn't work. Now the the lady in line is trying to help figure out what's wrong with it now too. Now, after the 4th attempt I finally get a bit impatient as this is slowing up the line. I just say, "Hey. Talk into the other end." They all just stared at me. Idiots.
Yes that's right. He was talking into the speaker side of it and not the correct end.

Got a story as such? email me jhawk !


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Well well.

Big wigs from the corporate office are coming today. The major VP's of entire company are gonna be roaming the office. We do have like 100 people working here, so hopefully they don't come by my desk.

People are cahorting around in ties and stuff today. Like some VP is gonna see them in a tie and "Hey! Nice tie! Want a raise?" Yeah, right. There's gonna be some major brownnosing going on today.

On the lighter side.
I need a name for my PC. I made some nice eyes, ears, mouth, mustache, and sideburns for my computer monitor. Now I'm think it needs a name. Got one? Email it to me. jhawk

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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

College Basketball!
Fans of college basketball rejoice! The season is on the brink of starting. Exhibition games are already being played. But tommorrow night....ooooohhhh baby! Oklahoma vs. Alabama! This is gonna be one heck of a game. #3 Oklahoma and #8 Alabama.

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Befuddled by technology? Yep. There are people like that out there.

I do support for ADSL, and occasionally I get to speak to the illustrious public. These people who need to spend $50 a month so their email will download and send at tremendous speed. Never fully taking advantage of having a broadband connection. Oh well, guess it's their money.

Hmmm. I just looked at my bottle of water. It's got an expiration date on it. ??????? Yes, that's right. It does. Aparently this water will go bad on August 15th, 2004. I guess it breaks down into hydrogen and oxygen on that day. Should be exciting.

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Well, hello.

First post ever. I was bored at work, and without any software allowed on my work PC to do any website updates I thought, this could be a good outlet for combating boredom. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. I guess that's the risk we all take isn't it? You're probably out reading posts like this hoping to stave off boredom, and now you're disappointed and moving on since I failed in that endevor.
(I hate spelling. No not Tori Spelling or her dad for bombarding us with stupid shows on FOX in the past. Just regular word spelling.)

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