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Monday, August 28, 2006

Un-Constitutional Hill

Here is a lampost on Constitution Hill, (just by the side of Buckingham Palace):

As you can see - it's a great place for spiders! I doubt whether it constitutes a terrorist threat by being able to see over Buckingham Palace garden wall, but you'd think the council might get around with a dust mop every now and again, eh? :)

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dogs Can Read

It's true. Dogs can read. Or at least the local council think dogs can read. Here is a "dog height" sign especially erected at the park gate entrance for our four-legged friends to take note of:

Now, I ask you, would your pooch be able to read this without having to get his/her reading glasses out? ;O)

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Garlic and Herb Thighs

There we were scooting our way around the supermarket this afternoon, when we cane upon the freshmeat counters. In the shrink wrapped sections were the various areas of meat - chicken, pork, beef etc. In the chciken section was one delicious lookinf packer entitled:

And over in the pork section there was:

Well, it seemed to me that I found it very hard to beleive that chickens were strutting around the hen house showing off their legs to each other saying things like - "My - these sure are going to look good covered in garlic and herb one day! What do you think girls?"

Lord knows what the pigs were saying to each other?! ("CURRY! F**K that!" etc)

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bloody Funny Job

Some jobs are just no joke....

As this gentlemen/joker reading the Evening Standard would surely attest to - if he could be bothered :)

But it was a very hot day in London the other day. So, here is a picture of some huge metal horses galloping in a fountain:

It's amazing what you find around Piccadilly Circus :)

Oh yes. I got my activation code through from the Inland Reveune the other day. Guess I might have a crack on doing my Online Tax Self Assessment? Maybe not this weekend.

I'm cooking lunch tomorrow for my visiting mother, (and bro). Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings etc etc. Gotta go down to Morrisons and get everything this morning!

Y'all have a nice weeeknd y'hear?

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Online Tax Self Assessment

So with the meager amount of pennies earned from Google Adsense, I went to the HM Revenue and Customs website to do my Online Tax Self Assessment.

After filling in a seven stage application procedure, I then find that I cannot access the Online Tax Self Assessment until I receive an Activation Code - through the mail?!

Naturally - I thought this was complete bollocks - and I phoned the HM Revenue and Customs to tell them. I said: "What was the point of havning an online service, when I have to wait several days for an activation code to arrive through the mail?!" Of course, they could do nothing but apologise - like they do to 1000's of other people who apply online.


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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Newmarket 2006

For those of you who keep track of this annual pilgrimage to Newmarket, (at the last weekend of July each year), it looked something like this and this in 2005.

This year, I began the weekend in the club on a Friday night. Sometime into that evening I looked like this:

This is the best looking photo of me over the whole weekend :).

And for those of you who believe in all things mystical, here is my score card for a game of whist, (which I was doing the scoring for!), this year:

And, spookily enough, here is my score card for another game of whist that I scored back in 2005:

Both games scored by me - and both games won with a score of 70! Now, as I only play whist once a year at Newmarket - what are the chances of that happening, eh?

And, as you'll have seen from this Newmarket 2005 link - I won a frame at bowling with a score of 134. This year, I won a frame of bowling like this:

- with a record equalling 154 - which stood there for two minutes until:

BASTARD!!!!! - in the nicest possible way, of course.

There was much merriment, drinking, snooker, bowling, cards - and consuming of enormous amounts of junk food all through the weekend. Of course, the excitement of the moment got the better of some of us:

This was Joe mincing away from the bowling lane. As a great Caption Competition, I would like you to comment below as to what you think Joe was saying or thinking as he walked back...... :)

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