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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Blade Runner TV

This week's jaunt found me in a crappy hotel in Crewe. The only one redeeming factor of the hotel was the moment when I started to watch the TV. The way the light shone on the sadly lit hotel walls and across the screen looked like this:
Blade Runner

Which instantly reminded me of the gloominess of Deckard's apartment in Blade Runner, which looked exactly like this:
Deckard's apartment

Yes, it even amazes me where some of these thoughts come from sometimes! :O)

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Buxton - Mineral Water and Fringe Festivals

This week I stayed in Buxton. In fact, I stayed here:
Old Hall Hotel, Buxton
Old Hall Hotel, Buxton

Now, at this time I didn't know they had a HUGE opera and arts festival going on. And did you know that Buxton has it's own opera house?....
Opera House, Buxton
Opera House, Buxton

Which has full of luvvies and darlings, (as was the hotel). Anyway as part of the festival there was also a fringe festival going on. So, I managed to get a ticket to see this guy:
Bill Bruce at Buxton
Bill Bruce at Buxton

Well, there was only six of us in the audience - including an Italian girl who had to get the act translated! :O) - There was also a reviewer from the fringe website there. His review can be seen at Buxton Fringe Festival Comedy Reviews - scroll down a bit until you come to the Bill Bruce bit - I get a mention in it.....

"With a combined attendance of 6 audience members (Caroline, Gerard, Paul, Doneeta, Julia & me), Mr Bruce, in true Scottish spirit, declined the offer of ditching the show n buying us all a pint of 80/-; instead subjecting us to an hr of Creationism, theology (inc the role Angels may have played) and the reason why the 20th member of the 9-11 plot may have overslept and missed his flight!

In many ways this is what The Fringe is all about...a virtually deserted venue in terms of paying punters...yet the show must go on...and a good job too. It's rare enough for the performer to know each n every members this case Bill knew our NI no's...yeah it really was that intimate, almost like being taken hostage given the venue, though we never actually got rd to recording our Al-Qaeda style videos......."

Buxton, is, of course, famous for it's Buxton Mineral Water. Quite amusingly, all that the Buxton bottling plant does is to filter the natural spring water a bit more - and put it in a bottle. However, as I was advised by one of the locals - you can fill up with Buxton mineral water for free - from a standpipe in the centre of town - where it bubbles up nice and warm from the centre of the earth....
Buxton Mineral Water
Buxton Mineral Water

Yes, that's me filling my empty water bottle with lovely warm Buxton mineral water from the centre of the earth.

So, to summarise - if you ever get a chance to go to Buxton - take it! :O)

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