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Sunday, February 26, 2006

All Things Irish

What has the Long Room At Trinty College Library, Dublin and The Jedi Temple Archives "...containing possibly the single largest source of information in the galaxy. Within the polished architecture of the Temple, incredible amounts of data were stored electronically and holographically. Jedi scholars and investigators used the carefully organized data to aid in their studies or their missions. Lining the main hall were bronze busts of some of the most revered and accomplished Jedi Masters, both living and dead...." - got in common? Take a look here: Trinty College v Jedi Archives

What really started all this off was a telephone call from me mummy about an organisation campaigning to stop the refurbishment of St Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, Irealand. You see me mammy was born in Passage West, (The River Lee Ferry, if it stills runs, used to link Rushbrooke, on Cobh Island, to Passage West on Cork mainland), and lived all her early lfe in Cobh, Ireland. In fact, we spent many a holiday there when we were all tiny little munchkins. Here is a Polaroid from Cobh, 1968-:

I am the lovely little fair-haired leprachaun on the cannon, sitting next to the left, (as you look at it), of my bro Joe in the red sweater, and above my bro Tom - dressed in black - looking like he's about to deliver some Milk Tray!). That place used to be called the John F.Kennedy Memorial Garden - but I think politics took over, and it changed it's name in later years.

Anyway, now that you've stopped laughing(!), you can go to the Friends Of St Colman's Cathedral, read all about the drastic changes that are planned to be made to the cathedral, and donate and give your support.

p.s. go visit Ireland as well - it really is a lovely place :)

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Autistic Basketball Player Hero

This is an amazing story, true story about a young guy who has been the assistant team coach for the basketball team in Greece Anthena High School in Rochester, New York USA.

All I can say is watch the video: Jason McElway at Greece Athena - Autistic Basketball Hero - it's a very short, but amazing news item. It would make a great movie about the "small town boy" who became the team hero, but as Jason has autism, makes it even more special. And, for you basketball fans - the great game of the season he plays in is all caught on camera. What a game it was! Jason McElway at Greece Athena - Autistic Basketball Hero

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Monday, February 20, 2006

"All The President's Men" DVD Special

"All the President's Men," the classic 1976 film about Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein's unraveling of Watergate, opens with hammering typewriter keystrokes that sound like gunshots....

Woodward and Bernstein, in real life and as played, respectively, by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman, were sharp-witted reporting sleuths, pursuing and exposing one of history's biggest governmental cover-ups.

"It was really a thriller. There was danger out there," says Redford. "The film was using the typewriter and the telephone and pencil on paper as weapons."...

Three decades after it was made, the movie arrived last Tuesday, (14 the Feb 2006), in a two-disc special edition DVD. It includes a commentary from Redford and a featurette on the recent revelation of the identity of Woodward's secret informant, Deep Throat: former FBI agent W. Mark Felt.

For the 69-year-old Redford, it's an unusual opportunity to look back on a film he remains proud of. Redford, who co-produced, was largely responsible for the movie getting made.

He spent four years on "President's Men," and first approached Woodward and Bernstein while they were still working on their book by the same name. It was even Redford's idea to tell the story from the journalists' perspective - which the reporters quickly adopted, refashioning their book to focus more on their experience.

"Nixon had already resigned and the held opinion (in Hollywood) was `No one cares. No one wants to hear about this,'" Redford says. "And I said, `No, it's not about Nixon. It's about something else. It's about investigative journalism and hard work.'"

Soon, director Alan Pakula ("The Parallax View") and Hoffman signed on, as did Jason Robards, who won an Oscar for his legendary, "Woodstein!"-shouting performance as Post editor-in-chief Ben Bradlee.

Redford and Hoffman spent weeks researching their roles, hanging out with Post reporters at work. Extreme lengths were taken for realism, including building a replica of the paper's newsroom - and even littering it with real Post paper trash.

"Accuracy was the big, big objective in making the film," Redford says. "We had to be accurate, otherwise we would fall under that perception that Hollywood was messing around with a very vital event."

Redford and Hoffman learned each other's lines in many scenes so that their tag-team interviews would be seamless. Their interplay is still remarkable, like when Bernstein does a double-take after Woodward mentions that he's a Republican....

Hal Holbrook, who plays the informant, was essentially the face of Deep Throat for 29 years. His dark, smokey figure in a trenchcoat urging Woodward to "follow the money" in a car garage basement will likely remain the enduring image of Felt, too....

"I'm not sure you can have an event like that anymore," Redford says. "When we made the film, as you can see, we had dial phones, there was no Internet, there was no cable, there was no computerization of our culture. And so one event like this - one scandal - could command that kind of attention."

Buy All The President's Men

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Sick Week

Yes - a week in which we were supposed to be on holiday, but in which I spent most of the week coughing and spluttering like a thing possessed - and now I have passed it onto Sue as well. And she, as you can imagine, is not mightly pleased about it. And to top it all off - we are back to work tomorrow - HURRAH! - not..... :(

Also this week I registered a new domain with a company who seem to have a severe problem in communication. They have screwed me over on a web hosting package. I can't name them for legal reasons - or at least until they've give me my money back(!) - but the domain will allow me to do all kinds of weird and wonderful internety type things in future. I shall host the domain elsewhere. More of that later....

Middlesbrough beat Stuggart 2 -1 in a European footabll match this week. They also beat Preston North End today in the F.A. Cup. I wonder if both these wins made the Miami Herald Sports Section - like the Chelsea win did last week? Hmmm....

My feet haven't been swelling this week. (I know you wanted to know that). But then I haven't really got off my arse this week and walked anywhere! The "proof will be in the pudding", as they say - whoever they are?!

Still - that's February nearly over and done with. Only a week or so to go. Then it's only a few more months until we go to see Bon Jovi at Wembley. Oh - did I not mention we had tickets to see Bon Jovi at Wembley - must have slipped my mind :)

Okay - time to take this weary cough-ridden corpse off to bed - and then onto the train tomorrow morning to infect everyone on ther 07:32 to Fenchurch St - HURRAH!

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Friday, February 17, 2006

French Lessons

So the next time you go to France, (or maybe the first time you'll go to France), you'll want to be able to speak the lingo, right?

Okay, if you wanted to know a slightly more risque way to communicate with "our friends across the Channel" you may want to try an instructional video: Chopper's French Lesson - and after you'ved viewed this, you'll be welcome with open frogs legs down the Champs Elysee - now there's a horrible thought!

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Arse - My Mug!

So, "What's new, Paul?", I hear you ask. Well, it's like this:

Thanks to Joe's great advice on shaving men's legs - I have now become expert at being able to scrape away at my lower limbs and not cut great chunks put of my calfs, shins or ankles. If you didn't read the last blog entry link on shaving men's legs, then it's all about me having to wear elasticated bandages due to the fact that I am probably suffering from Secondary Lymphoedema - feet swelling. I may not pass silk scarve test, but at least my legs won't be itchy!

This week we are on hols! "HURRAH! Three cheers for laying around and buggering about!". Actaully, we are hiring a car on Thursday and zooming up North for a few days to see me mummy and folks up there. I think the first part of the week will be NOT getting up at 6am in order to cath the 07:32 train to Fenchurch St station, London. Nice :)

I have also been helping my good friend Paul with his Granada Hills Business Machines typewriters, (mainly), and typewriter accessories website/business. For example he can supply the Swintec 7000 for over $149 LESS than Swintec can!. And he ships via UPS anywhere in the USA. So, if you need a typewriter, or knows anyone that does, then please direct them to Granada Hills Business Machines. It's a fully automated website - hell, you don't even have to talk to him! LOL :)

And it's good to see that Middlesbrough beating Chelsea THREE NIL in the English soccer Premier League even made it to the Miami Herald World Soccer Report. First Florida - then the rest of the US states! We'll get you all converted to Boro fans!

Rambling on now..... I've had to buy a mug for myself for use in Head Office. I know - bizarre isn't it? There are some spare mugs in the cupboard, but none of "great personality", none that would express my personality - or, indeed, hold any great volume of coffee either!. I had intended to take a photo of my arse and have it put on a plain mug - that way no-one would use my mug when I'm not there..... but somehow some of the ladies in the office found that a bit distasteful - "Precisely!", I thought - but I had to bow to convention and get a "normal" mug. It has a large brown cartoon dog on it with the words "walkies!" on it - good grief...

Anway, it's Sunday midday - time for a spot of lunch and lazing around. Look after yourselves people - enjoy life - always!

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Made In Taiwan

Do you remember way back when, when the only influx of foreign goods into the UK was from the Far East - mainly Taiwan? And there was that ever obvious label "MADE IN TAIWAN" all over them?

Well, here's a bit of irony for you....

It's a Taiwanese banknote. I know this from experience. The only way that you would know, (right now), is because I'm telling you. This whole thing is ironic because...... Taiwanese banknotes have no writing on them whatsoever in order to decide which country they are from.

There is no "MADE IN TAIWAN" on Taiwanese banknotes :)

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Granada Hills Business Machines - Office Machines and Supplies

"Granada Hills Business Machines is retail dealer of office machines and supplies. We proudly service all of the products that we sell, as well as many that we do not sell.

Granada Hills Business Machines are a registered Small Business/Micro Business in the Federal CCR registry. Granada Hills Business Machines are also a Certified Small Business/Micro Business with the State of California, and registered as a Small Business in the Los Angeles County vendor database. We welcome all Federal Government, State and County inquiries.

Granada Hills Business Machines store hours are from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.

We can be reached by telephone at (818) 366-6864 or via email at"

Granada Hills Business Machines belongs to my good friend Paul out in sunny California. I have known Paul for years - we met when he came over to England and we worked in the sound recording studios of the Royal National Institute for the Blind, when they were based at Goswell Rd, Islington, London.

Paul is orignally from White Plains, New Jersey, and apart from coming to England, he went to make his fortune in sunny California. I also went out to Los Angeles and stayed with him for a few months back in 1988 whilst he was trying to promote his rock guitar career - he is an excellent guitar player! :) His part-owned party balloon business kept the wolves from the door, but, sadly the rock legend that is Paul Wittemann, never made it big time :(

However, Paul is now happily married with two young children - and has just embarked on his internet business: Granada Hills Business Machines. So, if you live in the Granada Hills area of Los Angeles, California and are after office machines and supplies, or know someone who is..... then direct them towards Granada Hills Business Machines.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

State Of The Union Address

- as seen on Current TV. This is a very alternative, and thankfully, a very short version of the President's recent State Of The Union Address.

Enjoy ;)

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