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Saturday, June 30, 2007


Hotels. They're everywhere aren't they? Here's a few I've stayed in recently. I won't name this one, but it was in Chepstow in Wales, and it did have the name of the town in it's hotel title (!). This was the first room I was put in:
Crap Room
Crap Room

So, after a throwing some rubbishy TVs out in the corridor which they'd left in the room, and finding out that I couldn't turn the shower off (!) - I complained bitterly. Miracously, I got a lovely, air-conditioned double room at the back of the hotel:
Great Room
Great Room

Of course, as one travels around the country, one gets to stay in all kinds of hotels. Here was a one in Chester I stayed at this week whose corridor seemed to remind of one in "The Shining", except this had a stain-glass window at the end of it, (but it was all red like murder!):
Hotel Corridor

And for those of you who like stained glass windows, here is a closer look:
Hotel Window

More topically, (like the USA at the moment as well), there has been an horrendous amount of rain recently here in little old England. Amongst the many, many disruptions there have been, the flooding of railway stations and railway lines has caused major disruptions in the rail service. So, how does a train get from A to B when it can't travel on the rails? It hitches a lift on a lorry, of course......
Railway Carriage on Lorry

And that wasn't the only one I saw that afternoon. I think at that angle it would have been a little difficult to get the trolley up and down the aisle without spilling a drop or two of tea, don't you think? :O)

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

More From Sandringham...

It was a very photogenic place. So, here are some more...

Let's start with the wide expansive lawns and view of the front of the Royal Household -
Me at Sandringham

Oh yes, that's me loitering on the "Keep Off The Grass" bit ;o). It was very weird that day. We got there just as the place opened, before all the coach parties arrived, and it was like we had the place to ourselves.
Front of Sandringham House

And around the back was a very grand looking entrance to the building...
Front door of Sandringham House

One of the things that really interested me was in the ballroom of the house was an exhibition of several things. One of those objects was this one....
Scott's flag from the South Pole expedition

Okay, that photo doesn't show much. But if you look very carefully, you'll see a flag pole at an angle. with a flag hanging from it. This was a Union Jack flag that was taken by Scott to the South Pole on his final ill-fated mission. The flag was recovered when the bodies of Scott and his companions were found, and then returned to England and the Royal Family.

Scott's South Pole expedition, the (1910 - 1913 Terra Nova expedition), is one of my all-time favourite subjects, and I have many books on the subject, including a 1913 edition, (two volumes), of Scott's diaries, published just two years after his death. And, although I wasn't allowed to photograph the flag in the Sandringham house - I got to touch Scott's flag whilst the guide wasn't looking. So, I have been connected with a piece of English exploration and history - and one of my favourite subjects. Well worth the trip just for that.

Oh yes, Sandringham used to have it's own fire engines -
Royal Fire Engine at Sandringham House

I can definitively recommend a trip up, (or down), to Sandringham House - but get there early!

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Buddha At Sandringham

Okay - here's a one fresh off the press! We went to Sandringham yesterday. It's the Royal family's hoilday mansion up on the North coast of Norfolk. (20,000 acres - 7 miles wide etc - just the place for a day out!).

In the gardens, at the end of long avenue of trees. Is a statue of Buddha. Yes - a statue Buddha. It's probably a HRH Charley thing. Anyway, it was too good of an opportunity to miss (!)....
Buddha at Sandringham



- I'm the one on the right with the sunglasses on! LOL.....

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Friday, June 01, 2007


It sorta comes up on you all of a sudden. There I was minding my own business, tootling along the A303, (I think), and I see a sign for Stonehenge. Suddenly, as I pop over the brow of a hill - there it is!.....
Stonehenge monument

So, with a quick pull into what little side of the road there was, I managed to rap a shot off with my phone - and then zoomed on my way in case there were any camera shy druids etc ;)

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