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Monday, May 29, 2006

Keyword Explosion

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Catherine Herridge

I first wrote about Ms Herridge back in October 2002:

"Catherine Herridge is the homeland defense correspondent for FOX News Channel. She has covered a numbers of stories for the network, including the October 2002 Washington, D.C., sniper attacks and the 2002 elections. She also secured one of the first network interviews with Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge.

But of all her journalistic skills whilst live reporting, and in the studio, what do I remember about her most? Itɓ this. She has a wide & extensive wardrobe of polo neck sweaters. Throughout the Washington sniper attack story she would appear at various locations with a different coloured one on. Sadly, I then began to watch Fox News more just to see what colour the next one would be - the power of TV, eh?

And now the war in Iraq is under way. I see Catherine is reporting from the studio. Itɓ springtime. And she is sporting a wide and extensive range ofŅŅsleeveless poloneck tops. God Bless America :)"

Since that time I wrote a few more lines about Catherine Herridge blog search results, first mention of a Catherine Herridge Shrine!, another Catherine Herridge mention to get the search results up, and my last mention of Catherine Herridge in March 2004: Catherine Herridge.

I guess I should just sit back and watch my blog shoot up the search engine results for Catherine herridge - again :) I wonder if she ever searches for her own name?....;)

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Bank Holiday Weekend

- it's another one! The little buggers just keep springing up everywhere! Actually, we have two in May. This did cause me a slight logistical problem when I had to work one Saturday and one Sunday this month. Because one or two "weekend enegagements" already pencilled in, the month turmed out to be a bit hectic work wise.

Still, life is about enjoying one's self, isn't it? And indeed I am. Blog Land has been a bit vacant, I know. If you read around the net in the tecchie areas about Google/search engine placing and Google Adsense, you'l find all kinds of horror stories about dramatic drops in traffic, search engine placings - and ultimately, Google Adsense earnings. I am one of those victims. So, I have been spending some time away from here attempting to understand how to put it right - if I can.

Also, my life as a moderator over at Cre8asite is quite busy as well. It's a great place. And I find that I'm spending quite a bit of time over there. I might try and get some kind of RSS feed or something, so that what I post over there can be put in here as well.

But i'd just like to end today with a little poser of a question I read in Viz on the train going to Southampton the other day:
Q. Why don't we see apes evolving into man anymore?

There - that'll give you something to think about over the cornflakes! :o)

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Friday, May 19, 2006

Dutch Tree Pollen

Apparently, there's been lots of "yellow stuff" covering cars, roads, etc in England over the past few weeks. It was finally found out to be coming from Holland - off trees! It has been their worst pollen season ever - so they thought they'd share it with us, and let high winds blow it across the North Sea to dear old Blighty. Charming. Perhaps we should send something back in return?

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dear Blog..

How are you? Have I been neglecting you lately? "Yes Paul you nasty little monster?! Where the hell have you been, eh?! Spending yout time cruising the net I suppose while I'm left here minding the store?!"

- bizarre. For one strange moment there, that imaginery rant took on a women's now why would that be? Probably becuase the reply from a guy would be - "Are some kind of fag or something?" - it's real hard having so mnay voices in my head! :)

Well, lookey here:

Whose a clever boy then, eh? I was recently made a moderator person over at the Cre8asite Forums. This is quite an honour, as the Cre8asite forums are one of the top Search Engine Marketing, Usability and Web Design forums on the Internet - and I've been going there for the past couple of years just to try to understand just what the hell is going on in thw www?! :)

Also, the arse has fallen out of my Google Adsense world. I mean it's gone from hero to zero in a matter of weeks. Sadly, I do not see any kind of miracle cure, as this seems to be effecting a lot of people.

So, apologies from me not being around lately. I'll try to do better.

Okay - Middlesbrough lost 4 - 0 to Seville in the UEFA Cup Final last night. There. I mentioned it, okay? :-(

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Tsunami In NZ

Here is an extract from an email I got from my brother Ged in New Zealand yesterday....

"No tsunami. Mind you, the NZ Civil Defence were on high alert during the night. They had their answerphone switched on. Their first response to the radio stations asking them for advice/comment was 2 hours AFTER the announcement downgrading the tsunami warning. It's a great country."

Apart from the humourus side of that email, is it any wonder that the world gets wiped out from time to time by natural disasters simply because we didn't heed the warnings of previous events?

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