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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Weight Watchers Water

Yes- Weight Watchers have launched a range of healthy water....

Am I the only one who sees the irony in all of this? Weight Watcher's recommend "...we need to drink eight glasses of water or water- based fluid a day just to prevent us from dehydrating...." - and so when I used to go to a WW meeting they always advocated just drinking water - and not soft drinks, fizzy, drinks, flavoured drinks etc

And now they have launched one of their own......:)

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Irish Easter Uprising Commemoration

Taoiseach Bertie Ahernɓ plans for Northern Ireland Assembly members to attend 1916 Easter Rising and Battle of the Somme commemorations were dealt a blow today after they were rejected by the Ulster Unionists.

The Government confirmed plans last week to invite MLAs from Stormont to witness a military ceremony at the GPO in Dublinɓ OɃonnell Street marking the 90th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.

MLAs will also be asked to attend a 90th anniversary ceremony in June for the thousands of soldiers killed in the First World War Battle of the Somme at the Islandbridge War Memorial in Dublin.

However, after a meeting of his partyɓ Assembly Group, Ulster Unionist parades spokesman Michael Copeland said while they welcomed the Irish Governmentɓ plans to commemorate the Somme, they viewed the 1916 Easter Rising as an act of terrorism.

ɴhe Easter insurgency which took place during the Great War led to the death of approximately 30 rebels, 200 British servicemen and over 200 innocent Dublin citizens,ŀthe East Belfast MLA said.

ɩt took place at a time when 300,000 Irishmen of all religions were serving as volunteers in the British army, 50,000 of whom gave their lives.

"It heralded the end of the long and honourable tradition of constitutional Irish nationalism and brought to the fore the blood sacrifice ethos of armed republicanism which led directly to the partition of this island and the Irish Civil War.Q

Mr Copeland said the UUP fully respected the right of people in the Republic to commemorate events in their history in whatever way they deemed appropriate.

He added: ɷe also recognise the very great steps being taken to honour the memory of the true heroes of 1916 (those serving in the 36th (Ulster), 16th (Irish), 10th (Irish) and other Commonwealth and Empire Forces).

ɷe regret that on this occasion we must decline Mr Ahernɓ invitation.

ɴhis Easter I will be calling to mind the death of my great uncle who fell at Gallipoli whilst serving with the Royal Dublin fusiliers and my wifeɓ grandfather who fought alongside all three Irish Divisions.Q

The Government has said the main 1916 commemoration would have a military parade which would reflect the changing role of the Irish Defence Forces and their significant representation as United Nations peacekeepers abroad.

Garda involvement in UN missions would also be reflected in the parade.

Details of the Islandbridge commemoration for the Battle of the Somme will be released soon.

Unionists have been critical of plans in Northern Ireland by Derry City Council to mark the 1916 Rising.

After the council approved plans for a commemoration, DUP Assembly member Willie Hay said unionists in the city could not participate in any ceremony.

Original story at : Unionists Refuse Easter Rising Commemoration Invite

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Good Morning World!

Unaccustomed as I am to spontaenous outbursts of noise and general good-natured rowdiness, (not true - any pause in conversation, or moment of solitude - I'll be there in true Ronald MacDonald style!), I'd thought I'd jump online quickly and say "Hello!"..... - hello :)

Is London getting further away? (No less than 500 words and on my desk by tomorrow morning).

But seriously - my days at work seem to be getting longer. I check the railway track every morning with a measuring tape to see if it really does reach the buffers at Fenchurch St station. And there is no gap. It does always reach. And - yes - I have been forcibly ejected from the station on several occasions for crawling around the platforms in my suit...

I think I need a holiday.....?!!

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The End of The 80's and My PC?

Anita Roddick sold out the Body Shop for something like 692 million squidoolies the other day - and my PC went haywire when I got home.

The Body Shop was the 80's. It demonstrated independance, leadership in ethics, morals and ideals - and now it's sold to L'Oreal - the biggest cosmetic manufacturer in the world. Ah well... that's life.

Oh yes - I got the PC working again... as you can see :)

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's The Weekend!

So let's go shopping! ..... What?!.... Yes - we'll be off to Lakeside shortly to browse around,spend some vouchers, maybe even have a toasted panini and a hot chocolate at Starbucks, who knows. In the days when I had a car, it was all too easy to jump in the jallopy and head on over to the mall, now we have to consider bus times, or even walk down the hill into town and get the train. Such is the life of a pedestrian, eh? :)

So, what are you up to today, eh? I hope you're not one of these people who sort rubbish into brown bottles, green bottles, plastic containers, tins and paper?! I know there are some looney left wing councils here in the UK who will not collect household rubbish unless it is sorted in different categories?!? Quite frankly - I'd rather move house and go and live somewhere else. Rubbish is rubbish. Once I have discarded something to the trash can - it's history - and I want nothing more to do with it. The whole concept of sorting my crap out is just a too bizarre activity to comprehend. So - don't let me catch you doing it either!

Yesterday, Friday, was one of those days when I just coudn't wait to get on the train home. I think I've finally got over the 4 week flu thing I've had recently. And now I'm just hugely exhausted by it all. So, today will be a bit of an actvivity day, and tomorrow I'll just sit on my ass doing nothing. Sure, I could empty the trash can on the kitchen floor and sort all the shit out into little piles - but I don't think Sue would be too pleased with me ;)

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Blah Blah Blah...

It's true. With not a sensible sentence in my head, I sit down at the keyboard, like a frustrated piano composer/musician chappie - just waiting for that masterpiece to "Pop" into my head. It must have been really bad for Beethoven, don't you think? I mean, I don't know when he went deaf, but when he started to plunk and clank at the keys - he still couldn't hear what the hell he was playing?!

Anyway, how's the world today with you? Today world - I have a "day off". Well, I actually worked on Saturday, so I'm taking Monday off. So far, I've whizzed around a few internet forums, answered a few emails, and downloaded my Google Alerts so I can update my blogs in Blogger a little later to day. And now I'd thought I'd best put pen to paper, as it were - just so you know I'm still alive and well etc etc.

We went to the Texas Embassy again on Saturday night - after work for me! It was quite funny - because the first thing I ordered was a pot of tea and a Corona. Well, just as if I had arrived home from work and was about to have my dinner... I fancied a cup of tea. And then, naturally, becuase I was out in a restaurant on Saturday night - I also fancied a beer. It's one of those wierd combo orders of drinks you'll only probably ever do once in your life.... which reminds me....

Many years ago, after helping sail a yacht down to Southern Spain, and then hitch-hiking from there, I got a lift from an American serviceman near the Spanish/French border, who was going back to his base in Germany. We travelled along the south coast of France, through the outskirts of Orange/Avignon area - and then up the infamous N1. We stopped at a garage for gas and consulted the map. We were also close to the French/Swiss border. And thus, one spoken hitch-hiking line that I have only used there as we approached a particular roadsign - "Could you let me out here, please? I want to take a look at Switzerland" - and at some lovely tree-lined country crossroads, at the foothills of the French/Swiss Alps, I got out at the roadsign that was pointing to Switerland. It's a once in a lifetime line I'll never use again :)

And here we are now. Hitch-hiking along some ethereal internet highway, where the traffic never stops - and there's an awful lot of walking involved.....:)

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