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Wednesday, March 31, 2004 MacDonalds Breakfast USA

The only reason I mention this is because tomorrow morning, (with an early start),the manager is going to organise breakfast - which could well be a MacDonalds - oh joy, the staple diet of the early start audit. Well, I remembered what breakfast was like in one of those off the highway Mac places somewhere in Colorado. In fact, it was so memorable I took a photo of it.

But what was even more of a sight to see in the place at the time was these two old timers. I got the impression that they'd been coming there for years. The guy with the hat, on the left, arrived first, ordered his stuff, and sat down. The other fella got there a few mins later. At first there was complete silence between them as they ripped open salt, sugar, sauce etc, and then the fella on the right wanted to use something of the other guy's. There then followed a series of grunts & nods as the sauce, (or whatever he wanted to use), was negotiated, thanked for, and used.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, they actually started a conversation. The fella with the hat said:

"Did you see that thing the other day?"

Naturally, in all great narratives in real life, one has to be prepared for the totally expected. So, not wishing to break the mould of this particular observation, his friend across the table looked up from his pancakes and said:


- and I'm telling you I saw it there first. And they're probably still going there to this day, having the same breakfast, tearing open the same packets, and probably starting off their day's conversation in the same way.

My MacDonalds breakfast tomorrow morning, (if I have one), will not be as exciting as this ;)

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Sunday, March 28, 2004


You choose. Is it to be "Passion" or "Python". Yes, it's true, the distributor's of The Life Of Brian are going to re-release it - opening on Good Friday in Los Angeles.

Now that's entertainment :)

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Saturday, March 27, 2004 Bonjour Mes Enfants!

A picture tells a thousand words, or something - so go here for all the pics from my recent trip to France. I used one of those photo album thingies - it seems to have worked okay.

Well, it's good to be back I can tell you. Yet again through miscommunication between the French Head office and the hotel I was staying in last week - they tried to stiff me for the bill at the end of the week. 426E! - I don't bloody think so monsieur! So after a few furious phone calls, all that was resolved.

Earlier in the week there seemed to be a lot of hard work going on - yes, that bit was me! :) I am still without my colleague Stephan who is currently off work under treatment for DVT, (Deep Vein Thrombosis). This makes more work for me in France - so if you're reading this Stephan - "Stop f**king about and get back to work!". There - that's good sound Man Management for you :)

Apart from the work, there was the usual rounds of the usual restaurants - El Rancho - (Mexican), the Indian restaurant, Le Mekong - (Chinese), one night I even had MacDonalds because it was so late by the time I got back! And one night, after the meeting in Paris - I had a superb Italian meal in a little bistro off the Paris St. Germain.

Anyway, don't sit here listening to me gas all day - go and have a look at the photos!

Thank you :)

I'll catch up with y'all later.

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Saturday, March 20, 2004 Pink Caddie Time!

Yes, here it is....the moment you've all been waiting for.....

- as seen in MacDonalds down in Bordeaux, on the edge of town, junction 8 or 18, I think off the ring road. Anyway, there it is :). And here are...

The managment and staff of PC City, Bordeaux. What a nice bunch of folks they were! Well, tomorrow, I'm off to Paris again - for a week this time.

Apologies again for not getting around to see y'all, but I have been very busy with work, including today, (Saturday). But it's all in a good cause :)

Be good everyone, I'll be back next Saturday! A bientot! :)

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Thursday, March 18, 2004 AWOL

Okay - I've not been around here recently, I know. But I've been a busy chap. Honestly! (At some point I will upload the piccie of the pink caddie as well).

I was all set to blog away yesterday evening, but good old Norton Antivrus detected a Trojan Horse virus. And it was similiar to a one that we had last year some time. Basically, six files had been infected which could not be repaired/quarantined/deleted whilst Windows was running. Sadly, this meant staring the PC in DOS - and not the DOS shortcut that you use in Windows - which only leads you to a Windows based DOS.

I ended up phoning my brother Dom who is a whizz at this sort of thing. Anyway, I found my Rescue Disk, and with a stroke of luck managed to get it to "jump out" of all it's 'rescue type' programmes and get to the DOS prompt. And after a few DOS lessons from Dom, I deleted all the infected files, rebooted the PC, and they were gone.

What a trauma! Don't ya just hate those type of virus'?

Anyway, I've also been a bit busy with work. I was going to do a bit more this evening, but to be honest - I'm knackered, and "I can't be arsed!" - to use an Olde Englishe Medievale expression ;)

In other news, (as they say in "Newsreaderland"), I shall be off to France again on Sunday - this time for a week. I'll be shacking up in Versailles, (I suppose I'll have another trip around my favourite Gardens there - although they have started to charge just to walk on the gardens in the past year), for the week. I got a phone call today that a meeting that had been arranged for Wednesday, has now been shifted to Tuesday - and the venue shifted to the companies Paris Head Office - now don't get all excited - the H.O. is on the edge of a "red light" district, and I don't mean it sells coloured lightbulbs either! ;) But, I'm told, we'll be "dining out" after the meeting......hmmm....I've "dined out" around there once before - lets hope we're going further afield this time :)

So, there we have it. I do apologise for not coming around to say 'hi' to everyone, but truthfully, I'm quite shagged out - and it's enough just to get this blog entry done - after hammering away at a laptop all day. I promise to be more pro-active in my Social Weblogging when I get back from France - honest! :)

Have fun - see y'all later (I haven't forgotten the Pink Caddie picture - don't worry :) )

p.s. It's my birthday tomorrow - born in a year three years before England won the Soccer World Cup, and in a year when the world got a new Pope - and the USA had a president assassinated. Go on - take a

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Sunday, March 14, 2004 (mobile phone blog) Bordeaux, France - had a McDonalds that had a pink "caddy" in the outside seating area. Of course i took a photo :-)

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Just A Short Note..."LA!"...;)

I'm to France now, (Sunday morning), for a couple of days - be good everyone, and I'll see y'all soon-ish :)

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Saturday, March 13, 2004 Nanu Nanu!

Naturally, one can't possibly go to Boulder, Colorado, and NOT go to the house where Mork & Mindy lived, right?

Well, I couldn't anyway :). We had planned people to visit, places to see etc before we left for Colorado. One of the things that was going to be top of my list was to go to see where M&M used to live. Sure, there's the Rocky Mountains, (initially spelt Ricky - which could develop into an interesting story......but, anyway...), and all those other places. But for me, there was only two real points of interest. One was Buffalo Bill's grave - which y'all must have read about here by now - and if you haven't - then go and have a look! And the other touristy bit for me was going to see Mork & Mindy's house. As you can see from the picture, I am cautiously attempting a Nanu nanu type wave. Remember this house is in the middle of a reasonably busy street in Boulder, (1619 Pine Street - for those other fans who want to go there!), and a group of kids was just off to my left - so I didn't want to look too much like a

Anyway, that had been a long day that day - the same day we'd done the Buffalo Bill's Grave, Nevadaville, and Boulder Falls. It may be some time before I get all the photos in an album up here on the www, but I'll keep dropping the best ones up here from time-to-time :)

Saturday morning - shopping time! Catch y'all later.

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Friday, March 12, 2004 It's That Time of Year Again!

Yup it's time for another short trip......

On Sunday I'm off to Bordeaux for a couple of days. I should be back Tuesday night. I hope the weather is better down there, as it was bloody snowing! around Milton Keynes where I was this morning. And then the week beginning Sunday 21st March, I'll be off back to France for a week. So things might be a around here.

Oh yes, the piccy above, and the one here-:

...were taken at Denver International Airport, the home of the....

...funky looking teepee ceiling. And there were a lot of retired cowboys with that McCloud type look, acting as security guards. I didn't feel that secure somehow ;)

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Thursday, March 11, 2004 Cracker Barrel Breakfast

For the benefit of Dorothy, Rachel, and anyone else who hasn't tried a Cracker Barrel breakfast, here is what one looks like:

Okay, from left-to-right we have:
1. Some lemon, pancake & bacon just poking their heads in at the bottom of the picture.
2. On the same plate is a bowl of fried/stewed apple slices.
3. The two white pots in the middle of the table contain grits. A bit like porridge.
4. And then you have some "cakes" - scone type things to have with grits.
5. And there's some tea & coffee pots knocking about there as well :)

Oh yes - it was damned nice! :)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2004 Ignore That Last Entry


That Dot.TK website DOES throw up POP UP ads. I have an auto pop-up blocker on, so I never noticed them. What a load of crap, eh? I emailed them asking to explain themselves about the pop ups. I got an automated response.

I have cancelled my subscription with them. Sorry about the inconvenience... and the pop-ups.

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If you click on this link here : surprisingly enough it'll bring you back here. This is because for the benefit of me,(mainly), and yourselves, who don't want to keep typing in the HUGE the huge Blog Studio address, I found a FREE! domain name registration place at DotK.

As part of a press release says:


AMSTERDAM - FEBRUARY 23RD 2004. Dot TK, the exclusive Registry Agent for Internet domains of the South Pacific island of Tokelau (.tk), announced today that it successfully completed the installation of the first high-speed Internet connection on Fakaofo, one of the three atolls of Tokelau.

People in Tokelau live their lives differently from anyone else in the world. That's not surprising, considering the nearest populated island is a 42-hour boat ride away. The spirit of the island is to divide all the goods equally amongst its 1500 inhabitants. In the spirit of the Free Domain Name registration concept of Dot TK, the 500 people that live on Fakaofo can use the Internet at no cost at Tokelau's first local Internet caf?. For the people of Fakaofo, this was the first time they would see a webpage. So surfing the web is now a new activity for the people of Fakaofo, opening the door to a wealth of information for the world's smallest country. This connection will introduce possibilities for distance learning and access to telemedicine, but above all, it's another means of communication. Inhabitants of Tokelau are not allowed to view adult-related content since it goes against their religious beliefs.

etc etc.

But for us schmucks in the internet world, as long as I have at least 25 visitors over 90 days - which I think I just manage :) - then I get to have the re-direction from to my l...o...n...g Blog Studio address. I don't actually own the domain, it's just on long term lease from DoTK.

So, if you so wish, redirect your links to, if it makes life easier for you, and it will bring you right back to me :)

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Tuesday, March 09, 2004 Always Carry Your Camera

Although I did take an enormous amount of photos whilst away in Colorado last month, I learnt a good lesson - always have your camera with you, as you never know when a good pair of photos will present it self. As you can see below...

Remember the Mexican Cowboy? Well, he was standing at one end of the porch to the restaurant we were at, and these row of "...rather photogenic rocking chairs..." were lined up at the other end. Now, by itself, it's not a bad snap - is it?

But when we were doing some mall shopping one day, we came across this children's furniture store. And Lo! (as they used to say in the bible), I quickly whipped my camera out and without thought for my personal safety, ahem, got down on one knee, and snapped these little guys. And there, in the back of my mind, was this blog entry

Talk about forward planning, eh? ;)

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Monday, March 08, 2004 Schnizzled Collapsible Wing Mirrors n'Shit

This is what happens, below, when you run your website address through .: Snoop Dogg - Tha Shizzolator :.

So there I wuz - minding my own business in a traffic queue this morning travelling up Putney High Street n' shit. When izzall of a sudden a ho driver started get a bit too close me in da right hand turn lane." And then that shiznit happened - CLUNK ! brizzle bonked into my wing mirror wit her wing mirror n' shit. Of course, because mine is a BOYS mirror - mine stayed in place, know what I'm sayin'?

n' shit. ..I nearly be like da mirror stayed "hard 'n erect", but decided not as that shiznit is a strange analogy fo' a wing mirror, know what I'm sayin'? But then again, motor hooptie manufacturers do has sizzlemizzle-naked girls izzall over they cars at shows & calenders, so why can't hooptie parts be associated wit different sexual parts of da body? I'll let yo' ass make yo' own list n' shit. ..;)

p.s. next time yo' ass go a garage/hooptie store, 'n either yo' ass, or da person yo' ass're wit, has pick up a wing mirror 'n take that shiznit da check-out - think 'bout this little story, will yo' ass?." ...;)

Try it on your own weblog/website :)

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Collapsible Wing Mirrors

So there I was - minding my own business in a traffic queue this morning travelling up Putney High Street. When all of a sudden a lady driver started to get a bit too close to me in the right hand turn lane. And then it happened - CLUNK ! she bonked into my wing mirror with her wing mirror. Of course, because mine is a BOYS mirror - mine stayed in place.

...I nearly said the mirror stayed "hard and erect", but decided not to as it is a strange analogy for a wing mirror. But then again, motor car manufacturers do have semi-naked girls all over their cars at shows & calenders, so why can't car parts be associated with different sexual parts of the body? I'll let you make your own list...;)

p.s. next time you go to a garage/car store, and either you, or the person you're with, has to pick up a wing mirror and take it to the check-out - think about this little story, will you?....;)

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Sunday, March 07, 2004 Ping!

Here's one to think about. Late at night. Early in the morning. During a good movie/football game. Just when you don't want any noise.....


I mean, there isn't even an on/off switch, or volume control on it, is there?

This happened to us, just now, Sunday morning, whilst warming up, (I like my hot food - HOT), some French toast in the microwave. And the damned thing has such a loud ping, I'm sure it'll have woke the neighbours up! :)

If anyone knows of a microwave with an on/off volume control - please let me know :)

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Saturday, March 06, 2004 Colorado Part 6 here. At this point I've decided to post the rest of the photos in a photo gallery using the services on these people at onfocus and their nifty bit of software called snapGallery. (I know I was praising JAlbum for quite some time, but snapGallery is even easier to use).

And here's something from an obscure link I have:

Materials on Massacre of Civilians Opened to Public

This came from the Korean Central News Agency:
Pyongyang, March 5 (KCNA) -- The All-People Committee for Probing the Truth behind the Massacre of Civilians before and after the War and Retrieving Their Honour Monday opened to the public the U.S. top secret documents recording the police crime of massacring civilians during the last Korean war, according to the March second issue of the south Korean newspaper Hangyore. Recorded in a top secret document of the U.S. State Department in 1950 and another top secret document sent by the U.S. embassy in Seoul to the U.S. Far Eastern Command in Japan is that the south Korean police fired to death 34 prisoners of the Seoul Prison on charges of being "pro-communists" in the area under the control of the British army regiment 29 stationed in Seoul on December 16 of the same year.
Included in the documents are the content that eye-witnesses testified that among 34 people killed 2 were supposed to be women and 2 children aging 8 and 13, which adds to the proof that it was an indiscriminate murder by the police.

I don't know much about the incident, but it's surprising what comes up once these secret documents are aired to the public.

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(phone blog) Sat morn Asda (Walmart). Fabric conditioner containr "ylang". What the hell is "ylang"? :-)

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Friday, March 05, 2004 That Was The Week That Was

And what an unusual week it was. It seems so long. I think it was that headache yesterday - like hurtling through a rip in the fabric of the space-time continium....or something. Anyway, it's Friday night, and true WW fashion - we've just had fish & chips (!) - but we have accounted for & earned all those points.

There have been times this week when I've heard myself muttering the chants of the disorganized masses "Oh - I wish I worked for myself, and not for someone else. Doing something where I was my own boss.". It's not that I don't like my job, or am dissatisfied with it or anything. Quite the contrary - I like what I do. But......(and you know there's always a but), there have been a couple of occasions over the last five days when I've thought:

1. Hang on - I am being taken for a mug here, and 'they' are just using me to achieve the great business end.

2. Wait a minute - am I really making a difference here, or am I just being 'conned' into believing I am, so I won't ever leave - and drop them in the shit?

3. Why can I see my working life over the next few years just as "little modules" of activity filling up the weeks & months ahead? (Not very exciting, right?)

I'm sure I'll forget about this by tomorrow morning and have a thoroughly relaxing weekend, but it is a bit annoying when this kind of stuff happens.

It's a bit like The Matrix. What is reality here? Is reality working for Dixons and generally feeling okay, but sometimes getting a glimmer of truth? Or is reality where I should really be?.....

Deep & meaningful stuff for a Friday night, right? So bring on reality...

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Thursday, March 04, 2004 Sinus Headaches

I suppose I could go to one of these web doctor websites and find some long drawn out answer to this question, but I can't be bothered. So, I'll throw it open for discussion here - why does having a headache from blocked sinuses seem so painful & exhausting?

Today was a classic example. I woke up this morning with slightly blocked sinuses, and a small headache because of it. Now I know I had all that surgery last year, but that doesn't mean that I won't get blocked sinuses from time-to-time. And today was one of those times. Usually what happens is once I get going - moving around & breathing okay - I have an enormous sneeze - or 5ive (!) - which are earth shattering events - and that usually clears it all. But not today. So off I went to work with a headache and blocked sinuses down the right side of my face.

During the day, the headache just got worse. Then it tends to creep around to the back of my head & neck. It's at this point when it starts to hurt behind my eye(s), and I start to ask for pain killers off the ladies in the office. However, today I thought I wasn't go to be there for that long, so I figured I would be a brave little soldier, and see what I felt like when I left. I felt like shit.

By the time I got home, I felt, (I imagined), how a person who had had a day-long migraine must have felt - completely exhausted and with a massive headache. We had dinner, I took some decongestant, and then had to go for a lay down because I was falling asleep whilst watching TV. (I'd like to think I was going to reach that stage in life for a good may years yet!).

Thankfully, (I suppose), my brother Dom rang and woke me up, which I don't mind, as I probably wouldn't have slept the whole night if I didn't get up now. But I know it wasn't "real" sleep, as I was only out on the bed for about 45 mins. it was more like one of those totally exhaustive coma type situations, where I just had to switch off and lay down.

Presently, I'm just waiting for Dom to download Yahoo Messenger on his home PC, and welcome him to the world of isn't it weird the effect that something like blocked sinsuses can have?

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Wednesday, March 03, 2004 Colorado...Part 5

Slowly, but surely, I'll complete the WWW journal of our recent vacation to Colorado. Here is Part 5. Oh, in case you're wondering who the blurred picture of the tall blond guy is, he was on the US Airways from London to Philadelphia. I'll give you a clue. He obviously doesn't earn that much from the show, does he, eh? Slumming it on the same airline as us :)

I know you're not supposed to take photos in some of these places - like airports, airplanes etc - but hey! - what the hell - if a photo opportunity comes along - am I going to ignore it? Nope.

More Colorado fun as & when I get the time :)

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Interstellar Shower Curtain Blues

"NASA scientists say the Mars rovers have found what they were looking for -- hard evidence that the red planet was once "soaking wet."

"We have concluded the rocks here were once soaked in liquid water," said Steve Squyres of Cornell University. He's the principal investigator for the science instruments on Opportunity and its twin rover, Spirit."

See, even Martians can leave the shower curtain hanging outside the tub :)

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Tuesday, March 02, 2004 Duran Duran!!!

Would you believe it? Duran Duran are touring again! They did a few gigs around the globe last year, and have now got a sold out UK tour over the next few months. That's right - SOLD OUT - except for a couple of seats in row Nth for a Birmingham NEC Gig.

Of course - Birmingham,(- not the Alabama version!), is just a bit too far to go from here. So, the message I want to say is:


There. I said it :)

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Monday, March 01, 2004 Catherine Herridge perhaps...?

Yeah, I had a shed load of things to talk about. Whilst I was driving home today, with the radio turned off, I was thinking those kind of "That'll look good on the blog" kind of thoughts - do you ever have those? I mean do you ever see something, or hear something during the day and think - "Hey. That sounds really good. I'll stick that on the blog tonight"? And then by the time you get home - that great thought has gone?

Well today was one of those days. I can't actually remember what it was I was going to talk about. I know by the time me and Sue got back from the WW meeting, I was almost falling asleep.(It as a 5.20am start this morning). As soon as I sit down - and stop - after a day's work, it's always incredibly difficult to get out of the chair to do anything again...particularly going to Weight Watchers.

So, that was that. I'm still working on more pages for the Colorado Adventure 2004, and I'll let you know when they are ready. I'm also going to stick the webcam on a separate page with a link as well. And it was nice to see that all my Catherine Herridge references got me THIRD on Page One of a recent Alta Vista I love the internet :)

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