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Monday, April 07, 2008

Del Monte Ketchup Has A life Of It's Own

It does. It really does. Take a look at this:

Well, these bottles of Del Monte ketchup were on special offer at only ONE POUND per bottle at the local.... er.... ONE POUND STORE. So, Sue managed to carry some home, (and hid the rest in the store behind other, and I went down in the car to get the rest.

I scrambled on my hands and knees to bottom shelf where Sue had "stashed the goods" (!) - much to the curiosity of the cashier and store detective! Anyway, I bought the last four bottles and got them back to the car. And this is when I discovered that Del Monte ketchup has a life of it's own......

As I took a wide corner, the seat belt light came on - indicating that a seatbelt was not fastened properly in the car. Naturally, as I was the only one in the car, I presumed it meant that my seat belt wasn't fastened. But my seat belt was okay............ and the light stayed on. Well, the only other "thing" in the car was the huge bag of Del Monte ketchup bottles on the passenger seat besides me. And, when I lifted the bag up - the seat belt light went off. And when I put the bag down again - the seat belt light went on! :O)

So, hats off to Del Monte for creating ketchup that has it's own gravity, mass, and weight enough to set off the seat alarm sensors in motor vehicles. I doubt even Heinz could make that claim and prove it! :O)

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Time To Pry The Gun From His Cold Dead Hand

Charlton "NRA" Heston died in Beverley Hills last night, aged 84. Noted most infamously for his:
National Rifle Association speech, he was also a great actor. Who could forget the Chariot Race in Ben Hur...?
Or what about his most famous line in Planet Of The Apes.....?

Anyway, he was a great actor - and they really don't make them like that any more... so long Chuck.

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Friday, April 04, 2008

Lily Allen And Friends

Well, the first series of Lily Allen and Friends has just finished. Which is a shame really, as I thought it was improving. It would be an untruth to say that the first few shows were excellent. In fact, they looked like the kind of show that an internet pop star turned wannabe chat show host would end up doing - and promptly being buried where it was - somewhere around midnight on BBC3.

However, the news says that we are to be treated to another new series of Lily Allen and Friends running for at least eight weeks - HURRAH! :O)

So, what's the point of this mindless piece of self indulgent blogging telling you about my fav TV progs? Well, I'm actually loading up some photos that I took at Easter into a lump of free webspace somewhere, but the gallery software is as slow as complete disarmament in Northern Ireland (!), so it could take some time. And God bless Firefox for "tabbed browsing" - so I can see the Page Loading whilst it's loading up the photo's :O)

Yeah, it's been a funny old time recently. "Things" are getting busy in the offline world, and that means paying less attention to such things as the INTERNET. I resigned from Cre8asite the other day as I need the time to concentrate more on "offline activities". And I even drastically reduced my Facebook activity to.... er.... ZERO.... lol... so apologies to ya'll wondering what the hell I am up to - it's just shifting resources around. And, as we all know, the only real and tangible resource that we can have any control over in this modern age is our time.

And if I have the time this evening to sit here and shoot the breeze, (Q. How did that expression come about - "shooting the breeze"?), blabbing about about Lily Allen and Friends, uploading photos etc - then kudos to me for my organizational abilities! :O)

Actual - I HATE the word, and the use of KUDOS. Oh how it irritates me! I think it started to creep into American teen sitcoms, movies etc etc when kids were praising each other, or some parent/teacher were praising them. Bollocks! What happened there? Did a dictionary fall out of a packet of Frosties one morning across the whole of the USA - and the whole country became literate or something? The hula hoop, the skate board, - but not saying "KUDOS" - it has swept the country like a plague....

If someone in England were to say to a friend/colleague - "Hey, kudos to you John" - John would be saying - "What the hell are you talking about? Have you been eating Frosties again?!"

(In case you're wondering - you can only safely upload about 5 photos at a time, otherwise the page "times out" and you have to start again. This is why I'm still here....... ;O))

Anyway, I've got the 3:10 to Yuma to watch sometime over the weekend. I'm more of a John Wayne western fan really, but this movie looks like it's going to be a good one.

Well, it's that time of day when I can feel a cuppa tea coming on, (apologies again to the Facebook group I joined A Cup Of Tea Solves Everything - and then just left). And I've finally finished uploading photos into one album - HURRAH!

Remember, there's a new series of Lily Allen and Friends coming to a TV screen near you soon!

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Thursday, April 03, 2008

You Just Couldn't Stay Away Could You?

It's true isn't it? You wanted to see what this crazy man's blog looked like - so you clicked the link over on Facebook, right? It's okay - there's no need to feel ashamed. The police aren't going to come and confiscate your computer, or your IP address be banned for coming here.

Admittedly, it's not the most hi-tech blog going. In fact, it's pretty much hand crafted from original oak ship's beams, which is why it creaks a bit when you click with your mouse... Anyway, now you've found it - have a browse through the archives on the right hand side - I'm sure you'll find something mildly interestedly.

And you do have the option of commenting on stuff by using the link at the foot of each posting - I have to explain that for the "non-blog" amongst us ;O)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

RAF 90th Anniversary Fly Past

Yes, I was there today in London, on a "tall building" just behind the Tate Modern - to watch this:

Spectacular stuff, eh? And then we all shuffled back into work! :O)

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