Cologne Christmas Market 2007 - German Christmas Market Shopping in Cologne - Part 2 or 2

Welcome back to Paul and Sue's Cologne Christmas Market Adventure 2007. (Click here to get back to Part 1). Of course, the next day shouild begin in the hotel, right?....

Another of the larger Cologne Christmas Markets was at Neumarket....

It looked great at night....


And here's a little video tour of Neumarket Christmas Market...

Anyway, we decided to make out way down to the River Rhine for some photo opportunities and chat....

River Rhine, Cologne

Down by the River Rhine in December is very cold...

And here's a nice shot of those lovely colourful buildings along the riverbank...

And you meet the strangest of people loitering around the river back down t'Rhine...

Paul and Sue

Before we go onto the final Cologne Medieval Market, I'd thought I'd share a few of the strange things you find in the centre of Cologne in December... starting with a LLAMA....



And then it's onto the Medieval Christmas Market, which is just in front of the Chocolate Museum of Cologne...

Chocolate Museum, Cologne, Germany

Thesed guys at the front of the Cologne Medieval Christmas Market were being far from traditional, and were charging 2.5Euros each entrance fee!...

Cologne Medieval Christmas Market

But one of the best bits of all was a medieval Punch and Judy...

Anyway, after almost 2 days in Cologne we came away with lots of goodies - traditional German Christmas stuff, and two empty mugs of gluwein! But the adventure was not over yet! We got back to Heathrow and...

So, I hope you enjoyed Paul and Sue's Cologne Christmas Market Adventure, I know we did! And if you want to leave some final words about Paul and Sue's Cologne Christmas Market Adventure 2007, please leave a comment by clicking here: |

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Cologne Christmas Market 2007

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