Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Well, i have been touched by God in a big way. not that i want to talk about it. i won't talk about it, coz i don't want to hear nay sayers. but i just want to say that God is there! He is active! He heals! Right now! sometimes one can feel so alone, and distant from God, wondering where He is, what He is thinking about you, if you are doing anything wrong, if you are a good Christian, what you could do to get closer to God.. wondering wondering, coz God is so quiet, the great sea of silence meets you in your bed at night. but somehow He is there, we know He is always with us, that He has never left us, will never leave us. and then He touches you! does something outstanding and unexpected and loving, letting you know that He loves you soooo much and will never forget you and is right there with you, always has been, and He's building a great life for you, better than the plans you had. He's got God plans for you! dare to dream again, coz GOD is here!!

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