Thursday, December 25, 2003

well it's Christmas eve... well it's past midnight soooo i guess it's not Christmas eve anymore. we opened our first gifts after midnight mass. i got my monitor now, so i'm on the new computer. it's huge and the resolution makes my webpage look like a little poot. gilles thinks i should look into how to make my webpage take into account different resolutions. i have not seen the how-to books mention that.
anyway, my monitor is beeeautiful. the puter has xp on it, and that's purdy. megsy said i wouldn't like it, but i don't think i do enuff with my puter to delve into possible hate things. sorry for missing you online megsy, i was home about an hour before that for about an hour. we could have hooked up. Merry Christmas to you too sister! and to all you other who's in whoville, Merry Christmas to all. they had the grinch who stole Christmas playing on the screen, with no sound, when we walked into church tonight, i thought that was kind of strange, coz the grinch is totally Godless lol as far as it goes is 'perhaps Christmas means something more'.. or something like that. oh my, the back space key goes way too fast on this puter. won't want to correct my typos. gilles says this puter is screamin' fast. anyway, i hope everybody is having a good Christmas. hope you have yummy turkey dinner tomorrow, and get lots of presents in the morning. i have spent a good deal of time apologizing to Jesus about feelings about my father. so THAT hasn't been as holly jolly as it could have been, but such is life i guess. sometimes things aren't as perfect as we would have them. sigh...

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

sorry for being a blog slacker. i have been busy Christmas shopping, and lately hubby has been working on my puters. tomorrow my dad arrives for a week visit over Christmas. he is staying with my brother and his wife. i sure will miss my mom when i see him without her. i don't even know if i would make the trip back home to visit anymore. and if i did i wouldn't stay at my parents', to sit there silently and uncomfortably with my dad, while he says something nasty to me every now and then lol. good thing my dad doesn't read this blog... i tried to tell him about it, back when i first started writing it, told family about it, but to no avail. i thought my parents might want to get to know me better, but my dad just told me that he gets enuff mail and didn't need more. the last time i was there my dad complained about the sound of my voice and told me that he didn't have to listen to me anymore. lol i don't think my dad cares whether he has a relationship with me much. oh, ignore me, i'm just sad about my mom this Christmas, so it's translating into general parental sadness. i'm feeling general parental lack. just feeling blue. got to pick my dad up at the airport tomorrow, hope i can shake it. my dad has also been there for me in other ways, don't get me wrong. it's not all bad lol. he's just a curmudgeon. sorry i picked a sad moment to write in my blog :(

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Friday, December 05, 2003

My brother and his wife and baby hannah are all moved in, we are now unpacking the boxes and loading up the kitchen, while my bro kinda decides where to pile boxes that may NEVER get opened... the first night, hannah kept asking to go home.. so her parents would tell her that THIS was her new home now. so it was like 'oh man, all this time she's been getting excited about moving to the new house and she didn't eve GET the concept' lol.. i crashed and burned from the move.. one night, right before moving day, i was standing in bro's kitchen and suddenly felt very tired.. i told heather, and she offered me a B12, which i gratefully took, and then needed to sit down, then as i was sitting down a weird headache and dizzinesss kicked in, so i told heather i had to lie down while the b12 kicked in, fully expecting it to zoom me up and about.. well, i guess it did, but not before i totally conked out, it was a total crash... and i've been crashy ever since. i was weak and tired and barely able to STAND, to make it thru moving day the next day. and these past 2 days i've spent sleeping all day for the most part. i was snoring on the couch this evening when heather phoned and wanted me to come over lol... so i woke up and went and had more unpacking fun and colored with hannah. but now i simply must go to bed...

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