Wednesday, October 20, 2004

well, halloween will be coming up soon.. always a matter for hot debate amongst Christians, coz it's such an 'evil' holiday. tho some others look back to the more Christian roots of the holiday. me personally i think it's going to be an evil day if you are like doing evil things on it. but i think it's fine to celebrate it as a more Christian holiday, or as 'the harvest', or as a fun time to give out candy to the wee kiddies. i don't agree with children dressing up as negative things, but going out as frogs, and winney the pooh, and princesses, what's the harm in that? sounds like good clean fun to me. i mean there's even Christians who disagree with CHRISTMAS!! you can't listen to everyone on the subject, least of all me, but do according to your faith. some may stumble by celebrating halloween in any way.. others can hand out candy and know it's fine. there's a scripture in the bible about not listening to people about this festival or that.. i think that's good advice. God is bigger than that.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

i know that the first feeling that i had upon getting saved was a feeling of pride. i was so proud to be on this side of the war. the right side. in that i was soooo proud of Jesus. i don't know that i could have put my finger that close on the feeling at the time, but think back to Jesus in the garden, and the prayer that He prayed: 'if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me, but never the less, Thy will be done'.. Jesus didn't want to do it! He was totally torn up about it, but He won! He saved the world! I'm so proud of Him! What a beautiful God and Saviour.. What a beautiful kingdom we belong to.. Where everything good and right and loving rules rules, where tears are wiped away and we are taken care of by our loving Father. the devil is a defeated foe, thanks to our hero, Jesus, did i mention i'm proud?

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