Sunday, March 28, 2004

i feel closer to God now.. i feel that God came in and buzzed my tower hehe. sorry for the top gun reference. i feel the need, the need for speed! i was reading the bible the other day, and it was about Jesus speaking about end times. so good. what would we do without the bible? imagine what other cultures did to reach God. i mean, i'm sure that God can reach us. i KNOW He can. but isn't it good to have hard copy? reference material? tho i must admit i have found some of it quite disagreeable. as i'm sure alot of people have. but eventually people get educated and talked down off of their bible ledges. some of it is deliberately hard to get a handle on i guess. What did Jesus say? or they might turn and be healed lol. i always wondered about Jesus saying that. like Jesus didn't want them to, oh this teaching is deliberately hard or the pharisees might turn around and be saved, and we can't have THAT. very strange. don't you think? i thought Jesus wanted everyone saved. oops, guess i don't have comments on this blog.

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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Did you know that Christians don't approve of people talking about such things? as microchips and the end of the world? i thought Christians LIKED talking about revelations and the bible and stuff.. but apparently i was wrong. i was in a support forum, and i brought up this interesting tidbit i now have in my grasp, about the implementation of microchips in other countries and stuff.. and i got GROUP ignored.. totally ostracized. i was shocked that Christians could act in such a non-Christian manner. it lowered my opinion of them, that's for sure. i felt like i got shunned by a pretty and popular highschool clique. it was bad. i guess there's only a certain 'type' of Christian that talks about end times.. and they were just saying 'we don't want your kind here.' i guess i just joined the unpopular and unpretty group of Christians. oh well, i was never part of 'the pack' anyway.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i'm a tad freaked out today, i am slow i guess, about catching on to that microchip stuff.. i just found out that it has been implemented in a couple countries and the website is up in america offering people $50 discounts to beat the rush on getting injected with the implant. i just didn't know that it was really happening. i didn't know they could really do that to people. and that stuff about how it will be in the right hand and forehead, just like in the bible. wouldn't it be nice if that JUST WASN'T TRUE? let this not be true. or let me just stop thinking about it. it's just sooo hit home for me suddenly. the way it's just... really happening. i remember being in early gradeschool and a teacher telling me about it, before calculators were even invented, this teacher told me they were going to do it. and that website.. it all makes you feel like you are in a bad science fiction movie. part of me wants to think that chip website is a joke, that it's all a bad joke, coz they can't do this to people. but hey, you know me, i remember thinking the GST was a joke, thinking they couldn't do that to people. my brother was telling me that the 'issues' of a certain election were a smokescreen for this goods and services tax they were sliding in without people knowing.. and i laughed at him and said they can't do that, and he was right, and they did it. now the world is sleeping while 'they' prepare to inject everyone with microchips so that they can buy goods and services.. and nobody is doing anything about it. it's bizarre.

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Thursday, March 11, 2004

oh man, this is going to be like my MONTHLY blog, i'm SUCH a slacker! you know, i went to go see the passion of the Christ with hubby. i went prepared with a box of kleenex. the guy taking the tickets said 'let me guess.. the passion..' i said 'yeep'... there was an old couple in front of us that said they hadn't been to a movie in like 25 years. the movie is really bring people out. i think alot of people were assuming that mel gibson were playing Jesus, even tho he's an old fart now.. it's the guy from 'frequency' who plays Jesus, and he does a phenomenal job! and you know i didn't think he was that good of an actor in frequency, he seemed a little plehgemy lol how ever you spell that. he seemed a little forced and unable to capture emotion in frequency. but in this movie he totally NAILED Jesus' key lines. and in another language yet. quite amazing when you think about it. makes you wonder if he's Christian. as far as the anti-semetic stuff goes, they did paint the jews with the nasty brush and pontius pilot with the nice guy brush and i think that's the major problem.. i mean why didn't they make pilot mean too? he was all compassionate and the jews were horrific.. so it kinda looks fishy. they were both guilty of putting Jesus to death, but were painted with different brushes. but all in all, i payed attention to Jesus that night, i went to the movie needing Jesus, and i got Him. for me, the movie was too short, and there wasn't enuff of a story told. maybe it was 3 hours long, i don't know. but it went by too fast.
oh and, on the cross when Jesus says, My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?' that's when He has taken on all the sins of the world and God couldn't look upon Him, and mel gibson showed nothing happening and then seconds later Jesus says, 'it is finished'.. so the entire drama of the cross was over in seconds in the movie, and mel missed an opportunity for tons of movie special effects while Jesus takes on the sins of the world.. and he didn't show a thing, then it was over.. so i'm wondering if mel has missed a key point or so...
anyway, mostly no complaints, mostly really really well done! i will definately buy it on dvd...

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